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An Alternative Trick To Reach Short Term Goals

In 2020 I wrote letters to myself on fancy paper bought from Etsy. I wrote a letter about the desired goal such as passing University assignments, getting a job, or finding a new home. The letter included advice to my future self encouraging me in case I did not achieve my desired goal. I placed the letter in an envelope sealed it and wrote “Open when you get the job” or “Open when you get your exam results”.

Not only did it work but it boosted my confidence and self-belief. It was very uplifting to open a letter I wrote months ago to read that I had achieved my goal and I was congratulating myself on achieving what I set out to do.

I learned this trick from YouTuber Vee Kativhu who vlogs about her University life and has over 255k followers. Vee Is a very inspirational, kind, and friendly woman whose achievements at a young age are very admirable. She also has some very sound advice for any student out there.

The best way to start is with the snowball method Start small and build up as you go and watch you self-esteem grow. Your first letter could be something as simple as saving one hundred pounds. With a small goal such as this the quicker you achieve the goal the quicker you get to read the letter and champion your own efforts!

This way you get to be the cheerleader in your own life! It’s also private so if you don’t achieve the goal or land the job you applied for then no one else will know. Do you find it to be true that when you tell someone you want to achieve a goal it seems harder to achieve? Write them down instead as you are not competing with anyone, they are your goals and yours alone.

Once you have achieved the goal in each letter celebrate it and keep it in your journal. It gives a great reflection on what you can achieve in 12 months when you read all the letters you wrote to yourself. It leads to a sense of self-satisfaction and gives you the impetus to push yourself out of your comfort zone bit by bit to achieve more ambitious goals.

You will look back on the first letter and last letter of the year and realize how far you have come. You get to see your own growth in terms of goal setting. That is the beauty of this simple trick it’s you vs you letter by letter.

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