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Quenching My Thirst: A First Time Lesbian Encounter

Part 1 of 3

I arrived at Amy’s wearing a barely-there bikini, turquoise. The top lifts my breasts to a position that makes my Bs look like Cs. The bottoms are made of practically nothing, forming a nice little V just above my ass and promptly disappearing. A piece of fabric barely larger than a post-it note covers my nether regions.

I’m sure if I bend over, the boys, and girls can get a little peak if they wish. It’s my go-to swimsuit for parties, especially if I want a little nighttime after-party action. And I usually do. Under my bikini was a short little sundress, hitting me well above mid-thigh, of a slightly darker color. Teal. It was sheer in spots, almost see-through, perfect for going over a swimsuit.

Chris greeted me at the door. He is Amy’s boyfriend, and it was his birthday. I’ve been crushing on Chris ever since he started dating my best friend. He hugged me at the door, pulling me into him, his bare chest pressed against me; insta-turn-on. He is off-limits, he’s my best friend’s boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t fantasized about him. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t stared at my ceiling while fucking myself with a vibrating dildo and climaxing to the thought of him moving in and out of me.

Sometimes, he is fucking me from behind. Hard. His hands are on my hips, thrusting into me over and over again, using me like a little fuck doll, his little fuck doll. He tells me how much better I am than his girlfriend, and that sends me over the edge. Other times, I am on my knees, sucking him. I take his perfectly shaped member into my mouth and move my head back and forth. He places his hands on my head and pushes himself farther into my mouth.

Soon he is fucking my face. I gag, just a little, as he fills my mouth with his hot cum. I swallow because Amy won’t, and he loves it. Other times, when I just want to relax and daydream, we are making sweet, sweet love. He goes down on me, savoring every inch of my body, using his tongue with care and grace. Kissing my lips, my neck, my breasts, and farther down. After he teases my clit and gets me soaking wet, I climb on top of him and ride. He splits me open, slowly, as I slide down onto him. He tells me how much sexier I am than Amy, how much better I taste, how much better I am at everything, and I cum almost instantly.

I snapped out of my fantasy and came back to Earth. “Happy birthday!” I said, as I gave him a quick, but not too quick, peck on the cheek.

“Thanks,” he smiled. “Come on Jordan, the party is in full swing.” He grabbed me by the hand and whisked me to their backyard oasis.

There were two dozen people, give or take, scattered about the backyard. Some lingered by the grill in the outdoor kitchen. Everyone was in their swimmers. Most of the girls were in bikinis, some in sexy one-pieces. It was a hot day, so most were in the pool splashing about, being careful not to spill their alcohol into the water. Adjacent to the pool is a hot tub that fits about six.

There were four enjoying its holy waters, and two enjoying each other even more. I recognized the girl with no top, well her top was on the cement edge. She worked with Amy and I had met her a handful of times. Her boyfriend, or boy toy, or guy she just met, was having his way with her body. Neither she nor the others minded. I was still turned on by Chris and my naughty thoughts, this only made things worse, but in a good way.

It turned out that the other girl in the hot tub was Amy. I made my way over, stripping myself of my sundress as I went, and ventured into the waters that were being heated in more ways than one. I took a seat next to the handsome piece of eye candy that was sitting next to Amy. She introduced me to Peyton, Chris’s friend from the indoor soccer league. He was in shape. His hairless chest accentuated his muscular frame.

“I just came to be a voyeur,” I whispered to Peyton and nodded my head in the direction of the couple who enjoyed being watched. He put his hand on my thigh as he laughed.

We both agreed that it was a hot show. About that time the guy wrapped his lips around one of her succulent nipples, she let out a soft orgasmic moan and pulled him farther in. One of his hands was wrapped around her waist, and I can only imagine where the other was. No one moans that hard from just nipple stimulation. I imagine that he had her bottoms to the side and was hitting all the right places. The three of us were enjoying the show, and I was enjoying Peyton’s hand creeping slowly up my thigh. I scooted closer and spread my legs, just a little, to let him know I was more than okay with him continuing.

It wasn’t long until our performing couple exited to a more private arena, possibly their own home. Or perhaps they found a spare bedroom upstairs, and he had her bent over the bed, moaning in ecstasy. The three of us also departed the hot tub and ventured into the kitchen for snacks and fresh drinks. I was attracted to this Peyton, and he seemed to be into me as well. I was glad. People came and went. Chris’s thirtieth birthday party was a big success. Great food, great drinks, and lots of fun.

The evening turned into night, and the night scurried by. Around midnight Peyton and I found ourselves in the hot tub again. This time we were alone. Not long after he kissed me, Chris and Amy joined. Everyone else had gone home. They sat opposite us. Chris is a gorgeous specimen of a man. About six feet tall with California blonde hair. His sun-kissed skin is the perfect tan, and blemish-free. He has just the right amount of stubble to accent his dimples. My mind drifted into Naughtyland once again. This time he had me bent over his bed, their bed, pulling my hair and taking charge. Owning me. Taking what he wanted: his girlfriend’s friend’s pussy and she had no fucking clue. So taboo, so hot. It makes me wet. I wonder how many times he could make me cum. Amy says his cock is just the right size. I would love to see for myself. Peyton moved his hand high on my thigh, nearly touching the edge of my bikini bottoms, and his lips touched mine just in time to bring me out of my trance.

The conversation fluttered like a butterfly until it landed someplace fun. Someplace it wanted to stay. This is when Amy asked if I had ever had sex in a hot tub. Another question followed, and then another. Then we decided to all ask each other a question. That evolved into truth or dare. A hot, sexy, truth or dare.

Around and around we went until Amy was dared to take off her top. Her perky 34 Cs seemed to be almost smiling as her bikini top was thrown to the side. Her natural reddish auburn air was down, partly covering her milky white tits and dangling just above her nipples. Chris leaned over and wrapped his lips around one of them. He smiled at me just before he gave her a light suck. It wasn’t long before my top was off as well. It got steamier, much steamier. Soon, Amy straddled me, and we were making out: part of a dare from one of the boys, of course. The four of us moved from the hot tub to inside, all of us topless, but all had our bottoms on — for now.

I’ve kissed girls before but always stayed above the waist. That would change very soon. More wine please, this was fun, and I remember thinking this could turn into a full-on orgy. After being dared to take a body shot off my belly button, Amy didn’t stop there. She nibbled lower, to the edge of my bikini. I didn’t stop her. She pushed them to the side and teased me with her tongue, the perfect spot on the first try. Fuck, that made me want so much more! She stopped after about ten seconds, smiled, and sat back up. Whoa! All three of them could tell I was turned on.

It wasn’t long until we were all completely naked. Amy was not lying about Chris’s cock. Flashes of my fantasy of him fucking me ran through my head. Amy finally dared me to go down on her, and the boys were more than eager to watch. She spread her legs, leaned back, and smiled. I crawled over and touched her. She was freshly waxed save a tiny strip that matched her hair, a true redhead with the ivory skin to match.

She whispered for me to go on, and I did. I placed my hands on her inner thighs and gently pushed them apart. I traced my tongue along her lips, tasting her, kissing her, smelling her. She tasted like a flower, sensual and sweet. She moaned when I reached her clit. I didn’t stop. To say I liked it would be an understatement.

I’m not sure how or when we changed positions, but soon we were 69ing. Amy was on top, her juices seeped into my mouth as she wiggled across my face. Her tongue slid inside me, as her hands spread my legs. Her face was buried between my legs and she moved her hips up and down, riding my face as if she was fucking her boyfriend. I have no clue what they were doing, her boyfriend and Peyton, but I was in heaven. My body began to shake and so did hers. We came almost simultaneously. Holy fuck! That was my first time going all the way with a girl. And I fucking loved it.

Amy rolled off me and was promptly greeted by her Chris. He kissed her, tasting me off her lips. They made out as I made eye contact with Peyton. He was on the couch, touching himself. I’m sure he was masturbating to the live girl-on-girl show happening just a few feet away.

I crawled over to him, on my knees, and took him in my mouth. Amy broke her lips from Chris’s and did the same to him as well. Side by side, we were sucking. Little cumsluts drooling over their cocks. Peyton’s hands were on my head, not forcefully face fucking me, just softly guiding me. My hands were on his perfectly formed ass, pulling him into me.

I don’t have much of a gag reflex, and he wasn’t overly big, so it was a perfect fit. The perfect size, I would say, for pleasure in all the right places. While I was blowing him, I stole a glance at the couple next to us. Chris was sitting on the couch, Amy on her knees, really going at it. Up and down, her head was moving fast. She stopped and looked over. She caught me looking, we both stopped and smiled.

“Switch?” she said. Oh my! Why the fuck not?! We switched. The boys didn’t mind. Chris’s cock was bigger than Peyton’s but nothing crazy. I licked up his shaft and around the tip. I could tell he liked that, and a lot. This was even better than my fantasies. I wrapped my lips around the head and gave him a light suck, swirling my tongue as I did. He moaned in a way that meant, “don’t stop.” I had no intentions of stopping.

I took him in my mouth and enjoyed every inch. I stole a glance of Amy and Peyton. His cock was no longer fucking her mouth. No. He was fucking something else. She was bent over the couch and he was behind her. I guess that gave me the green light! My fantasy of fucking my best friend’s boyfriend was about to happen. I climbed on top and straddled him. He didn’t stop me. He put his hands on my tits and squeezed. That felt so fucking good. My nipples were as hard as my pussy was wet. I wiggled down onto him, his cock split me open, stretching me. I began to ride. Up and down.

I rode him harder and faster, leaning back in pure ecstasy. My back was arched, nearly parallel to the floor and I was staring at the ceiling thinking of absolutely nothing and everything at once. When I sat up, Amy was straddling Chris’s face. I don’t know how or when she even got there. I was too busy cumming all over her boyfriend’s cock to care. Neither of them seemed to mind, and Chris kept fucking me.

Amy kissed me as we both rode him. Suddenly, someone grabbed me off Chris and threw me down. It was Peyton. So forceful, so strong, so demanding. I loved it. I was on the floor, on my back, and he got on top and fucked me. Hard. And oh-so-good. I’m sure Amy and Chris were fucking, but who knows, and who cares, I know I didn’t. This hottie was on top of me, making me his own. His hand was around my neck, hard enough to increase the pleasure, but not hard enough to choke me. He thrust himself inside me, harder, and harder. I came again. I’m sure I let out a loud moan, maybe even a scream, I really didn’t care. This was the most fun I had had in…well, ever.

He got off me and led me back to the couch where he sat down. He told me to get on my knees, and I did. I obeyed like a good little girl and sucked him again. Amy came over to help. Apparently, her boyfriend had filled her up and he was done. We were not. And neither was Peyton. We both sucked him. In between sucking him we kissed and sucked some more.

At one point, both our mouths were on the side of his cock, kissing it, licking it, our tongues touching and swirling around his fully erect member. He told us he was about to cum, but we didn’t stop. We kept licking and sucking the sides of his perfectly shaped shaft. He came. It erupted everywhere and we kept licking him. His cum shot onto my face and into my mouth but we kept going. He was super sensitive and finally pushed us away; he was shaking, and then he collapsed onto the sofa. We smiled at each other, cleaned ourselves off, and then the two of us, Amy and I, went back to the hot tub.

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