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I saw you today.

I was surprised you came,

even though I shouldn’t have been.

Seeing you there reminded me of another funeral,

a long time ago;

of you, standing in front of your wife’s casket.

The first time I ever saw you cry.

Oh, Grandpa.

Do you even miss her?

The way her smile lit up her face,

how her hugs made every stress melt away.

Maybe how she snored like a freight train,

the way she poured love on the children she babysat,

how she filled your yard with flowers and bird feeders.

Oh, Grandpa.

Were you lonely?

Is that why you moved on so quickly

with this woman who’s like her, but not really.

Sure, she has diabetes and poor health,

and sure, you have to help take care of her,

just like Nanny.

But this woman has deep wrinkles around her mouth

from always frowning.

She enjoys telling people she keeps you on a tight leash.

And when our family started falling apart,

she didn’t pull us back together,

the way Nanny would have.

Instead, she encouraged you to push us away.

Do you like the way she treats you?

Telling you who you can talk to,

and what you can spend your money on.

Monitoring your calls, your emails, your texts.

Isolating you to the point that I’m afraid;

Afraid that one day I’ll read about your death in the newspaper,

because Lord knows she wouldn’t tell me.

Oh, Grandpa.

Do you even miss me?

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