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My Experience With The Flits App 

I first discovered the Flits app in May 2021. At the time the FLS token was trading at around $1. I was excited about passive income streams and purchased 2000 FLS tokens and locked them up in masternodes. 

Over the next five months the FLS token plunged to $.45 when I decided to get out. The price of the token continued to fall until it bottomed out at $.12 in March of 2022. I did take up a position again in March and bought 10,000 tokens at $.15 which I just recently sold at $.34.

My exit this time was due to concerns about the app itself and the whole Flits ecosystem. Platform statistics have remained relatively unchanged since I first started using the app when measured in user numbers , masternodes hosted and total value of platform assets when measured in BTC.

Swaps are very limited on the platform and the swaps that can be made are very expensive . I soon started StakeCube to facilitate all my swaps.

Not all coins or tokens listed are supported by the app. Information is not given out in a timely fashion and service announcements that are shown in the support tab are never dated leaving you to wonder what is and is not relevant.

Lastly , Flits has been promising an improved version 5 of the app for quite some time but again , updates on the new V5 are not being communicated.

In summary , I like the concept of the Flits app but the user experience is lacking in so many ways that I could not recommend it.

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