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Dancing without MEMORY

This feels so good. I never knew that I was made for this. I dance and I can’t stop. What a

feeling! My blood flows and I wish it to flow faster. I lose my breath and every time I feel like I am going to fall, I get a shot of adrenaline and get reset like an old child’s toy. This seems like a great exercise to lose weight. I should check my weight afterwards. Who knows, Fat old man Sean could be the next newspaper highlight.

I can see it now, “Man builds muscle at the age of 73”

Well, maybe the newspaper guys can think of a better headline. There it is, I am feeling tired again. Maybe I shoul…

The adrenaline keeps me up. How long has it been? Doing the taps is so fun that you can barely tell that the time is passing. I am not going to stop. I’ll just tippy-tap my way to the living room and look at the clock there. If I remember correctly then I… Holy cow!

I have been dancing for 3 hours. I sure let myself go. Maybe I should stop. Well, it hasn’t been the whole 3 hours. The time is 7:49. What’re 10 more minutes?

You know, I find it so amazing; these new digital clocks are the best. Telling the time with numbers instead of that large big stick-small stick system. I wonder what that’s called. I always called it the classic style but that just signifies that there is a new version. Interesting questions. I should google all that. I will do that when I stop exercising or should I call it dancing?

I wonder who invented that clock. He must’ve felt real stupid when the digital one came out. Would the man who invented it still be alive by then? I don’t know. I shouldn’t talk ill of the dead if that is the case.

Look at me, I assumed that the person who invented the clock was a man. My daughter in law would be so angry at me for that. She would be all over the place; calling me a sexist or something like that. A bad conversation that would be but at least it would be funny.

Hey, I am not sweating that much. Must be the new air- conditioning system my son installed.

Hey, when did I get to the living room? Did I just dance my way out here? I think I should go back inside my room. I’ll dance the way back aswell. Don’t want to stop this wonderful exercise. My daughters are always pushing me to do more exercise. It would be wrong of me to just do something tiring and give up 5 minutes later. You don’t want to be known as a lying old man, I can assure you that.

Look at my bed, it is a mess. I should really try to make it a bit cleaner. Wow, I just got that weird feeling thing. What is it called again? Oh, yes; Deja vu. I must have entered my room earlier and… Uh, there it is; the tiring of the legs. I should sit down now, I feel like I am going to collapse.

Never mind, I just got a shot of adrenaline. I can go on for hours. How long has it been? Doing the taps is so fun that you can barely tell that the time is passing. I am not going to stop. I’ll just tippy-tap my way to the living room and look at the clock there. If I remember correctly then I started dancing just… Oh my!

It has been 3 hours. Wait, Am I forgetting something? Ahhhh, Nevermind, it’ll come back.

You know what, I feel something in my legs. I think there is muscle growing there. This old man is going to be running marathons if he keeps this up. My daughters will be really happy when they hear about this workout. They really have been-especially Karman- the youngest, trying to get me to start exercising. I always give some random excuse each time. What can I say, I am a lazy old man. Well, not today!

I think I talk a lot. Maybe that is why Sharon left me. She never really liked my habit of talking over her. It sounds childish I know, but in the end, it was the final nail in the… How did I get to the living room? I must have danced my way here. Well, no point in stopping the dancing flow. I tapped my way out; I’ll tap my way back in.

“Look at this place. I really don’t appreciate myself that much do I? This place is spotless. Just kidding! It’s a mess!”

I really hoped someone was here that could listen to my joke. The girls are usually here but not since t… Ow! My leg! There it goes again. Maybe I should just stop tapping. That really hurt! That is it, I am stopp…. Never mind, just got an energy boost. I am curious about the source of all this strength. I feel down for 1 second but then the next second comes and I am as fit as an Olympic swimmer. Speaking of seconds; I wonder how long I have been doing this.

Oh my…. according to my wristwatch, I have been at this for just over 3 hours. Maybe I should stop but this is really fun. The watch must be telling the time wrong. More and more watches do that these days. They just don’t make them like they used to. Maybe I should get one of those high-tech watches. You know the ones which work with your heartbeats. I’ll tell you what I’ll do; When that Sammy comes home from work, I’ll give him the old senile puppy dog eyes and make him buy me a fancy watch. I always wondered how that worked, you know?. If only I could get my AC to work with my Heart. Maybe then, I wouldn’t have to worry about bills. Ha!

Oh, dear me, this room is in an abysmal state. I really let myself go, didn’t I? That is it; the second I am done with this dance workout, I am going to clean this room spotless.

How long have I been at this? You really get lost in the tip-tapping of the feet. No idea what time it is. I think I put up a clock in the living room a few days ago. I should go check it ah… Damn! my leg really started hurting. Have I really been dancing for… never mind, I am fine. I don’t need to stop. You know how hard it is to continue exercising if you miss a single day. Especially if it is the first day of exercise. Wait, is this the first day of exercise? Well, I did a little yesterday or was that the day before yesterday. I can’t remember. I have this memory problem where I keep forgetting stuff. It is not that bad, I just forget things if I don’t focus on them that much. It is a chore, yes, but at least I am not forgetting people’s names.

Damn, this feels so good. I never knew that I was made for this. I dance and I can’t stop. What a feeling! My daughters keep telling me that I should exercise more. Maybe this just might be the best alternative. How long have I been doing this though? Let me check my watch. Oh my….. I have been dancing for almost an hour. I guess that’s a good amount of dancing. I’ll do just a little more. Just for fun.

Do you want to know a special fact about this watch? It works with my heartbeat. My son gave it to me when he returned from Japan last summer. It was the most perfect gift I could have ever gotten. My youngest daughter- Stacy was really jealous about it. Well, mostly because he brought her an oven tray. Her face was so red whe…

My leg just got a bit of a shock. Maybe I should take some rest. You really shouldn’t overstress your body on the first day of exerci… never mind, I am fine. I’ll do it for another 5 minutes or so. Speaking of minutes, I wonder, how long have I been doing this for. My old dance teacher used to say that ‘Doing the taps is so fun that you can barely tell that the time is passing.’ He was a fun man that Mr. Marcos or at least he seemed fun to me. Everyone else was really afraid of him. Never really saw much of the guy since he got arrested for domestic violence charges for attacking his wife. I wonder where he is right now? I wonder if he is still happily married.

What time is it? I feel hungry.

How did I end up in the living room? Did I just dance my way here? Oh silly me.

Why was I dancing in the first place? Allow me to ask myself this question as I continue to dance like a maniac. I should start thinking about getting dancing lessons. I heard that there is a great dance class by this guy; What was his name? Was it Pete? No! It was Mr Marcos’s tap dance classes. I should drop by sometime.

You know this dancing seems like a great way to lose weight. My daughters keep telling me I need to get off my behind and move around a bit more. Well, there is no more moving around than when you are embarking on the great artistic journey of Tap dancing. This has to be the birth of freestyle. I mean just look at it.

I should go back inside the room. It was not a good idea to dance in the living room. Too small of a place full of tiny tables, chairs and breakable glass on the shelves. I am not saying that I am going to dance off shelves and nor am I saying my balance is too low and that I might bash into things, I am just trying to be safe and safe right now means tip-tapping my way back into the bedroom.

I should get something to eat after this. I am starting to feel the rumbles in the tumbles. My youngest used to say that Sandy was the cutest little thing. I loved the little girl.

Man, my legs are starting to get a little wobbly. 5 minutes more and I should stop the dancing. I wonder what time it is. I should check my watch. about 30 minutes. I’ll stop at the dot. So, just 7 more minutes.

You know, I always get emotional when I look at this watch. You see, it belonged to my son. It is the only memory of him I have left. He gave this watch to me just before he left for Japan.

It makes me sad just thinking ab…. “AHHHHHH!”

Something happened! I can’t feel my leg. I should call my daughters but none of them are here. They all left after the incident.

The pain is gone but I can’t move my legs. I think that I will lay down here for a while. Who knew dancing could prove to be so dangerous. Maybe I overdid it. My son calls it ‘burnout.’ Maybe I should call out to him, “Dan! Dan! Dan! I have fallen!”

I shouldn’t waste my breath. He would gladly let me die after what I did to him. Who can blame him? He loved his mother. I would say he loved me more but a mother always has some sort of leverage over her children.

I wonder what time it is? Maybe I should check my watch. Oh, how stupid of me; I forgot that I gave my watch to the repair guy some time ago. It has frankly been a long time since then. Does not matter, my son promised to bring me a brand new one when he returns from Japan. It will be so fun; the whole family will be back together once again after so many years. We have not been together since my wife, Sharon died. Oh my bad, I keep forgetting about the incident as well. I hope they all forgive me. I for one can’t even remember what the incident was. You see, I can’t remember. I have this memory problem where I keep forgetting stuff. It is not that bad, I just forget things if I don’t focus on them that much. It is a chore but, at least I am not forgetting people’s names.

I don’t like having people feel bad for me. I know people who can’t remember anything at all. My condition is nothing compared to theirs. People should stop wasting their sympathy on me and save it for those Alzheimer patients. They need it more!

Why on earth am I laying on the floor? I need to do that dancing exercise I promised my daughters I would do. It’s called the Marcos tap o Rama. I actually invented it myself. Back in the good old days until well, you know, the incident.

And a 1…2 …3. go!

Oh, how I just love the concept of….. My head is getting dizzy. I don’t feel so goo,………… “She left me! She left me! I’ll kill you, you witch. I’ll murder you!”

Nurse: “Mr. Marcos, are you okay?

He is hurt. Someone call a doctor!


I don’t feel good. It’s funny, I felt the same when the incident happened. The plane crashed, I slapped my wife and my daughters –, — and — all grew up!

What time is it I wonder? Maybe I shoul… .. . –_–_–_–_–_-_-_-_-__– -_-_-_________________________________________________________________

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