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PELAGE              ESCALIER

I woke up this morning with a headache haunting my peace. I had gotten up earlier than usual and decided against getting ready for school just yet.

I left my room which is right next to the stairs leading down to the living room and kitchen. I was going to head down to see if I could scavenge some breakfast for myself when my eyes noticed something awfully strange; the staircase was covered in some black coating. On closer inspection, It looked like hair or fur to be exact. I decided not to think about it and blamed the dog. Even though, looking back, there was enough fur on that staircase to outweigh our dog 3 times over.

I reached down the stairs now with pants covered in what I thought was dog hair. Entering the kitchen, I asked, “Mom, What is with all the Fur on the staircase?” There was no one there. Mom always said that she always wakes up hours before everyone else in the house. Evidently, that was not true. Then I remembered something. Mom had very extensive knowledge of early morning Programs. I decided to go to her room and check on her. Just to make sure everything was all right.

Just as I was about to leave the kitchen, I noticed something glimmering from the corner of my eye; Some liquidy substance shining on top of the kitchen counter. I went closer to see what it was and striking fear into my heart, the liquid was red. ‘Is this blood?’ I thought to myself.

The idea that mom might have cut herself scared me. I ran to her room and barged inside kicking the door open, “Mom!” She wasn’t there and neither was Dad. ‘Where are they?’ I thought to myself.

I decided to run back up to check on my little Sister. Her room was right next to mine.

As I ran, I slipped and fell into the piled-up fur on the staircase. Now I was covered head to toe with it. It was surprisingly sticky. I did not have time to worry about that though, I had to check on my sister. I tried to open her room’s door but it was locked. I started to punch and kick onto the door to get her attention but she would not answer.

It was then, “Bang!” A huge noise came from downstairs. It sounded as if it came from the kitchen. This scared me to the core. I became dead silent. Then I heard loud footsteps as if someone wanted me to know that they were coming for me. I tried to not make another sound and slowly crawled into my room. I slowly started opening the door of my room “Creee!” The door made a huge creaking noise. “That damn old door!” I thought to myself. The sound of footsteps stopped and nearly so did my heart. I quickly went into my room and not knowing what to do I took my blanket, rolled it around me and hid underneath the bed. Maybe the idea was to look like rolled-up clothes.

For a solid 5 minutes, there was no sound but then some sort of liquid touched my foot. Its stench was unbearable and it was quickly reaching up to my face. When It came close enough, I saw that it was red like blood. It was at this point I had given up on life. All I could think of was how I was going to die. Hoping that it is quick and painless.

Then “Ahhhhhhh!” It was Mom’s voice! “She is alive and she is in danger,” I thought to myself underneath the bed, “I have to do something” I quickly crawled out from underneath my bed. There was a large bag laying on the floor. It was leaking the same red liquid. I ran out of the room to my mothers’ voice, jumping over the bag which I then noticed was also the cause of the unbearable smell.

“AHHHHHHH!” This time it was Dad’s voice and it came from downstairs. I turned towards the stairs and to my surprise, the fur was gone. The place was spotless as if someone had cleaned it with bleach.

I had no time to stand and ponder, I had to find Mom and Dad. Once again, the house was empty. I headed towards their bedroom. The door was still open from me kicking it open earlier.

When I entered, I noticed that their bed was covered in the same blood-red liquid. ‘How did I not see that before?’ I thought to myself as I looked around the room. I looked in the closet, in their bathroom and even underneath the bed but there was no one in there.

At this point, I decided to call the police. I ran to the kitchen because mom always left an emergency phone in one of the drawers just in case.

I picked up the phone and was about to dial the number but to my shock more than surprise, my mother was standing right there. She was whisking eggs and dad; he was sitting there with a newspaper covering his head. I called out with a voice near tears, “MOM!” she did not turn to me. I called out again “MOM!” she still didn’t turn to me nor did she reply. The only action being, putting the eggs into the frying pan. I turned to dad “Dad?” Even he would not budge. I was so scared and confused, I started crying.

I ran to my father and yanked the newspaper from his hand. Blood red liquid- no, blood covered my hand. I looked towards my father’s body; his whole body was covered in blood but his head; it was not there! I jumped back traumatized from what I had just witnessed, I tripped over something. I looked to see what had tripped over and it was the missing Head! It was my dad’s Head! I started screaming, “MOM! MOM! MOM!”

She finally turned around, Blood was splattered around her body but her head was…. intact. She looked at dad and she started screaming as well, “Ahhhh! What have you done!” she looked at me as if I did it. “What?” I replied, stuttering in shock.

“You monster!” She said as she picked up a knife and started swinging it at me, “get away from me!” She screamed.

I got scared and started walking backwards out of the kitchen and towards the living room, “Mom, it’s me, your son!” I said, trying to calm her down.

She threw the knife aiming at me and it hit me right in the shoulder. It was not a very sharp knife so it did not go in deep. It fell to the floor after impact but it did make my arm bleed and it hurt like her. I ran towards the main door holding my shoulder as it was in pain. I was stopped dead in my tracks. The dog; he was laying in front of the door. He had been stabbed with a large pair of scissors. In pain, he was gasping for air.

I heard a sound called “Up here!” I turned to the stairs and it was my sister calling me to safety.

I picked up the dog and started running towards her but as I grew closer, she started screaming in fear and ran back to her room. I was about to call to her but then that stupid dog with his dying breath opened his jaws and bit me right on my wrist.

I shook my wrist trying to get the dog off but as long he had strength in its body, he stayed on. When he finally let go, I was in excruciating pain and had gone dizzy. It was then, I got hit hard on the back of my head. I fell and rolled down the staircase to the floor. When my eyes looked up, I saw that it was my little sister who had stuck me with a desk lamp in her hands.

As I laid there in pain, I saw my mother run to my sister and grab onto her. I called out with the only strength left in my body, “help” Mom looked at me and started walking towards me. She held me by the head and when I thought she had finally come to her senses, she stabbed me right in the neck with a knife.

Everything went dark!

When my eyes opened, I was underneath my bed wrapped in cloth. I could feel something wet touching my toes. I turned to see and it was that stupid dog licking my feet. I quickly rolled out from underneath my bed. The dog started following me. I got scared and quickly jumped onto the desk next to my bed. The dog just stood there looking at me. I was afraid that he would attack me the first chance he got. I looked around to see if there was anything that I could use to defend myself. I saw my lamp lit up next to me. I quickly unscrewed the light burning my hands in the process as it was hot and threw it with all the strength in my body at the dog. The glass shattered and cut open the dog. I saw that dog whimpering in pain as he dragged himself out of the room.

From there I jumped onto my bed so I would not get cut from the glass on the floor and got off from the other side. I left the room and next to it was my sisters’ room. I started knocking on her door waiting until she opened it. I looked around for a weapon as I waited and found a clothes Iron right next to me. I turned it on so it would get hot.

When my sister finally opened her door, “What do you want? And why are covered in hair?” She said as if she didn’t know.

I picked up the Iron and bashed it onto her face. I aimed the Iron for her tongue hence she couldn’t scream. Then I struck her again, this time in the eye with the sharp point in front of the iron. I saw her eyes melt to the burning heat. I was about to hit her in the other eye as well but she pushed me away. I looked to my side and saw a dartboard. I removed a dart and aimed it at her as he stumbled around in the room. Bullseye! Right in the neck! She fell to her knees now with her face burned and blood sprinkling through her neck like a garden hose.

“Why?” she said with arrogance in a stuttering voice.

This made me angry. I jumped onto her and pushed the Dart as deep as I could into her throat, screaming, “You know why!” She fell to the floor inches away from death.

Then I heard a voice, “What’s that noise up there?” It was Mom.

I ran down the stairs. She was in the kitchen.

“I can’t believe her!” I said when I saw that She had put dads’ body back in the position with the newspaper covering where his head used to be. I said to myself “She is a Psychopath” I entered the kitchen light on my step so she didn’t notice. I saw that a knife was laying on the counter on my right. I picked it up and charged towards her. She turned around and I swung the knife right into her neck. She fell to the floor, the sudden shock prevented her from screaming. I then continued to stab her in the face. I had to make sure she was dead.

But then I heard a voice which shook me to the core, “What did you do?” It was my fathers’ voice.

I turned around and there he was standing in front of me looking as scared and traumatized as I was when I saw his decapitated head, “How are you alive? It’s not possible!” I shouted towards him.

He came near me trying to take the knife from my hand. For some reason, maybe shock, I did not let go as he kept on yanking. Finally, I let go but dad ended up accidentally stabbing himself in his shoulder. Dad fell to the floor. I got scared. I just got up and started running. I jumped through the Kitchen window and kept on running. I ran out of the neighbourhood, I ran out of town, I didn’t stop running till I reached here.

JEREMY: That is a weird story, Damian. When did you write it?

DAMIAN: Oh, It’s all true.


DAMIAN: I was not telling you a story. All that happened.

JEREMY: Real funny!

DAMIAN: I told you that I killed my family and you’re finding it funny.

JEREMY: What the hell are you talking about? Dude, you’re 46 years old. Not to mention, your parents died years ago! Please tell me this is a joke, Damian.

DAMIAN: What do you mean?

JEREMY: Dude, why are you wearing a fur-covered costume?

DAMIAN: What costume? This fur is real

JEREMY: Tony, you’re dressed in a werewolf costume! I can even see the tag on the side. Don’t tell me that blood on your chest is real.

DAMIAN: No, you are lying!

JEREMY: You are starting to freak me out, dude.

DAMIAN: The fur is real!

JEREMY: I don’t care if the fur is real!

DAMIAN: Say that it’s real!

JEREMY: That’s it, Dude, I’m calling the police. I have a wife and children for god’s sake.

DAMIAN: Do you know something, Jeremy?


DAMIAN: This is the 7th house I have been to tonight

JEREMY: Whaa… Hey! Put that knife down dude. I am not joking du…. Damian! sto…

DAMIAN: You should have said it’s real!

JEREMY: You stabbed me! You maniac!

DAMIAN: Don’t worry, I kill children first.

JEREMY: You Montse….


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