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This poem is from my poem collection, ‘Open Eye.’

Am I a man in words spoken so clear?

May God bestow refuge amongst my mistakes.

I hold dearly the reflection of my mirror.

Not to lose sight of hope in my heart.

The shattered glass can only cut but the whole mirror reflects.

I see myself happy yet sad, broken yet mended together.

I hear their silence but my eyes stare straight, as the mirror shows me the reflection of fate.

Can I call you my friend or am I a disgrace? Do you trust me or is there hate? Do you love or do you regret?

Broken mirror to shard of glass,

A reflection so clear that my eyes turn black.

You were my closest friend, my darkest rival but now you lost and shattered into crystal.

I will miss you my reflection, the one I once had, you were a friend, my fire within.

I feel ashamed to show my face,

yet shattered glass can’t change fate.

The answer is so clear but the question is hidden.

Am I a man in words spoken so clear?

This poem is from my poem collection, ‘Open Eye.’

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