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It was a dull and lethargic Sunday afternoon with clouds hanging low in the sky. At first, Su felt a bit drowsy because of heat and boredom. So, she went over to the window to open and to stream the air in as she felt suffocating.

She also tried to get rid of such torpor from her because she did not want to take a nap at this moment. Apart from looking at the rail track in front of her house, she had no other things to do. Then, Su switched her gaze to the bright sky and found the clouds as immobile as her.

Her mind started to drift away to the last train trip she was together with her husband when she heard a loud whistling of a 3:30 up-country train that would be roaring by her house in a few minutes.

A moment later, she saw some passengers gazing out from the windows although she saw them in a flash. She thought that some saw her standing by the window and looking at them. Suddenly, she smiled when she remembered that it was such a pleasurable trip they had made together and they had a chance to redefine and amend their almost collapsed situation once more.


And, during the trip, they nearly forgot about everything including their worries, their financial problems, and everything in this incredible trip. They enjoyed every moment of it. Her husband showed Su much warmth which she needed more than at home and he became a real man again.

It was her husband’s plan to take a train trip to a beach when he sensed that their marriage situation led to a bad and rocky state. Even he scolded Sue when she made a trivia mistake and when she cooked the same curry for two consecutive days. Sometimes, he came back home drinking with the reason of tiredness and fatigue. That time, she was bitterly frustrated with their marriage situation which had reached its five years of wedlock. She wondered whether they could get out of this difficult situation.

She prayed and prayed to overcome the dilemma. Su understood that at that time, he was nearly out of his job, and debts were nagging them. And, as for a housewife, she became restless. Upon one of their closest friend’s suggestions, her husband thought they should take a trip to forget every miserable thing they had been facing in.

After careful consideration, they decided to take a trip to a beach. They borrowed some money from their closest friends who sympathized with their difficult situation, letting them have the money they wanted for the journey. Later, the couple found that their plan went well and it brought back every bit of drained energy that they needed for restoring their life back to strengthen their wedlock after the vacation for three days at the beach.

Sue still remembered that unbelievable sojourn whenever she heard a train coming. Suddenly, she was startled when someone gently touched her shoulder and abruptly interrupted her thoughts.


She quickly turned around to see her husband who held a bouquet in his hand. With a huge and warm smile, he extended his hand to her and said, “Happy Sixth Anniversary!!! Thank you very much for choosing me to be your man.”

His voice was clear and sweet.

She looked at him affectionately and kissed him softly. Quickly her eyes were filled with joyful tears.

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