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All Jeff saw were random lines on a chart. Colorful lines, he had to admit, but still, just lines. It wasn’t like there were a lot of lines either. Only three. One side had distance, the other pressure, the bottom was labeled load. The title had a lot of big words, one of which was “explosivity”.

Why did they keep showing him these three lines.

The Captain was off-ship for a vacation, and every other senior officer had recently retired or were off for leave as well. They were supposed to stay docked. They were supposed to, at most, be a holding cell for various items between transports. The head of security could easily handle that work load.

They weren’t supposed to be given charge of transporting a few trillions worth of supplies to a corporation.

The Admiral didn’t care. Or, the money he was about to make, meant he didn’t care.

“Alright, why should I care about this graph? It’s going down, that should be a good thing.”

The three from the engineering department looked at each other, then at the acting Captain. “Sir, you do know you signed for explosives to be transported, correct?”


“And that our AC went out ten hours ago?”

“How about you tell me something I don’t know.”

“According to that graph, when we reach 100 F, the explosives will initiate. And the temperatures and pressures they reach, we won’t be able to hold. And, if you read the report we sent 5 hours ago, we’ve got twenty hours to get things fixed, or deliver the supply, then we have problems.”

Rubbing his cheek, all Jeff could think about was why John, the Captain, was gone, and why Wade, the head mechanic, had to also take a leave of absence this week. He couldn’t help wondering why he didn’t take leave, because he sure as hell should’ve.

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