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Never Party with the Fae

A man, tall and wiry with sharp eyes to match his sharp features, and a woman, all together average with pale grey eyes, stood at the top of some grungy stairs. Below them was a closed-door, beyond which they knew their invitation would allow them admittance to a party some considered vital to anyone’s social standing.

John and Jocelyn both disagreed with this.

John held onto the ‘cordial’ invitation tightly, reminding himself not to crush the thing. It hadn’t written itself into existence, after all. The polite invitations had slowly been finding their homes in the couple’s mailbox for the last few months.

A driver delivered the current invite and wouldn’t leave until they got into the car. Upon arriving, however, no one was outside waiting for them, and all they could see was a road downtown, stairs, and the door. The two recognized they had a choice: enter, or leave.

But why in the world would a pair of humans ever choose to attend a fae gathering? If they were politicians, it would be something they would need to do but they were craftspeople. Between John’s clothing business and Joceyln’s gift for making jewelry, the couple had always enjoyed a comfortable life.

When the court fae heard from the lesser fae of the items that the couple sold, the couple found their lives far more than comfortable.

But, any human that wanted to keep their wits knew never to go to a fae party. They enchanted as they breathed, whether they were intending to or not. There was one man, a fine mechanic, who had not been seen outside of the parties for the last few months.

“Well, my dear, what shall we do?” John murmured to his wife. Suddenly they heard a song, with a heavy base beat, pound out through the door.

Jocelyn’s eyes widened for a moment before she answered, “I think there is a lovely night cafe a few blocks from here.”

The invite disappeared into John’s pocket. As he led his wife down the street, he wondered what the consequences would be.

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