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Sweet Dreams

A dark shape stared at Kat from the open doorway.

Did I leave that open, she wondered as she attempted to move her hand to Derek, sleeping soundly behind her. His arm was wrapped around her waist, how could he not feel the uptick in her heart rate?

Then the dark shape, tall with wide shoulders, slid closer, behind the dresser, then approached the bed.

Kat tried to struggle; she tried to move at all. Nothing would move. She tried to scream, to make a noise, but nothing would escape her lips but a small stream of air scraping past her useless vocal cords.

The being leaned over, still shrouded in shadow, she couldn’t make out any details but her heart ticked up. She closed her eyes, but could still feel it’s presence. It felt like something was on her chest, something wasn’t letting her take in enough air to finally, finally, make some noise.

Suddenly, she was sitting partway up, held back from sitting upright by Derek’s arm. Panting, she started to shake Derek awake. “Derek, Derek!”

He woke up, pulling her closer as his muscles engaged. “What, what is it?” He asked as he opened his eyes, but when he saw the look of fear in her’s, he already knew what the problem was. “Another sleep paralysis bout?”

She could only nod her head yes, and curl up against his chest. Slowly he felt her heart rate relax and her breathing even out.

Once she was finally asleep, he could lick his lips in satisfaction at the meal he had. He had found the perfect girl. Not only did he care about her, but she was able to feed him in her sleep enough to keep him going when he stayed home during his weekends off from the mental hospital.

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