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Trapped Below

A deep voice echoed, “Heldi couldn’t help the fact that every time she climbed through the catacombs she ended up bleeding on one knee or hand or another. Nor could she help but enjoy the cascading lights created by the refraction of her hi-beam flashlight against the precious gems embedded in the stone around her. Now she just had to find the creature waiting for her.”

“I can hear you, you know Jax. It’s almost like you specifically throw your voice, despite the fact that I’m the only one willing to climb down here and bring you books, serpent.”

The serpent, who in fact wasn’t a serpent but the largest Wyvern known to ever exist, wound his head forward so that his scales reflected in the light as well, while his wings pulled tight to his body. Jax suddenly dropped his head next to the smallish human. With his eye having the same diameter as her height, he still wasn’t sure if she had seen him in his full glory. She always refused to let him take her down to his true caves.

“You and I both know that you find it highly amusing. If you didn’t, I doubt you would come down. No need to call me names. I am clearly in the family of lizards.”

“I will not apologize, I’m certain you could have helped me up that last bit. You did before.” She blew on his nose, knowing the tickle it gave him was more satisfying than punching him. In reward, his nose twitched as his bulk settled out of the range of her light.

“With you continuing to come down here, I thought it was time to let you build some muscle. You’ll need it if I ever convince you to let me give you a ride. Now, will you please read to me? Unless you have found a spell to give me a smaller form…” He swung his head to the side to peer at the books.

“No luck yet. It’s almost like everyone is afraid you’ll shrink down and come to the surface to eat us.”

With a final huff, Jax settled down, while Heldi leaned against his cheek and started to read.

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