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The flame danced. It twisted, first one way then the other, leaning far away from its source. The only thing that cast any light in the black cave. The only source of heat. The cold was seeping towards her bones.

Shapes, suddenly, blocked the flame from her view, before quickly moving aside.

Large shapes. People shapes.

She had always been told to stay away from the people.

But she was cold. She was going to die from the cold. Her empty belly couldn’t provide her with a better answer, and the storm outside wouldn’t let her leave.

The people didn’t move towards her. They didn’t seem to notice the creature sharing the cave with them.

Nothing blocked the light now. She crept forward, step by step, until she could feel just a lick of heat from the flame.

“Look Mom!” she heard suddenly. She froze, crouching towards the ground, trying to be one with it. “It’s a kitty!”

She quickly glanced at the mouth of the cave, and as she decided to make a run for it, her feet left the ground, lifted by something warm and hairless. Then, without any warning, the creature was crushing her to it.

“Mom, look, she’s so cold she is shivering! We have to get her warm!” The human, for nothing else could make such a scratching noise, walked towards the larger humans next to the fire.

“Now, Danny, what if it has ticks or something on it?” The voice came from the largest human.

“I have that old towel there, I’ll wrap it in that and keep it warm.” Without any more discussion from the larger humans, she found herself wrapped up in something soft, but still unable to do anything despite how she tried.

“Anya, stop fighting. You are warm and safe now!” Anya, what is an Anya, she thought.

“Danny, you really shouldn’t name it…”

A week later, she found herself inside something called a house with as much food as she could eat, and never cold. Maybe people aren’t so bad.

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