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The undead 2

Another characteristic of the undead found in the stories of the peasants is that the living undead is also a little wizard. Thus, the husband or wife is “blinded” by him and does not realize what is happening to him. The undead woman may be ugly, but the husband sees her as beautiful. “The undead have the function of tormenting mortals. Young people who did not fulfill their erotic feelings and who had a violent death often become undead. They return from the grave to the winemakers and make love to them. At Ramnicu-Sarat I found an interesting story. A girl and a boy loved each other and were making love. He was poorer, and when he proposed to her, the girl’s parents forbade him to come near their house. So that he could love her as before, the young man hanged himself and became undead. So he could come at night and make love. Then, in turn, he killed the girl’s father, her mother and the young woman. This turned into a flower and, later, into a beautiful girl. Only hitting the undead with an icon could put an end to the harassment. This fact shows that the undead carry their original sins, even across generations”, the researcher also told us. In traditional circles, it is believed that undead can not only leave their bodies, but also transform into animals.

“A woman married an undead man. They went to the fan gathering, and at one point the husband said he was going to the forest. After a while, a big dog appeared next to the woman and bit her and grabbed her by the skirt. She took the fork and stabbed him, the bastard immediately disappearing into the forest. As if by magic, the husband also appeared, bleeding. Between his teeth he had material from his wife’s skirt. He didn’t admit he was undead, but the evidence was obvious. When it is discovered that someone was undead, one goes to the cemetery and digs up. A wooden stick is inserted into his heart and it will be seen that the undead is not rotten. The coffin must be well seasoned and rubbed all around with garlic”, the researcher also told us.

How to defend ourselves from the undead:

In order not to fall into the hands of the undead, it is believed to be good to put shutters on the windows, so they cannot enter, says Mihai Canciovici. If someone we know calls us from outside, let’s not go out unless they call three times. If the Unclean enters the house, we make the cross 3 times with our tongue in our mouth and spit. It would be simpler if we ate garlic from the beginning. Whoever wants to subdue the undead, must hold the spoon with which the red eggs were turned in the pot on the first day of Easter, at the church. Then he must climb a tree, and in a short time the undead will gather at the base of the tree and listen to his orders.

Another way to control the undead is to decapitate a snake and put three cloves of garlic in its mouth. We must take his head with us to the church. Immediately the undead will know that you have discovered them and will do whatever you want. It is much easier that on the first Monday after Easter we stand on a bridge over the water and look at people, gaining the ability to control the undead.

Obviously, one must first believe in such a thing.


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