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Generational Sleepwalking & Honing the Power of Awakening: Learning to take back our power to live meaningful lives

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Living is an art in itself. Waking up to God’s creation each day, as an artist ready to create his destiny. We are all dancing through a dream as co-creators of our very experience. But we have long forgotten our power and fallen victim to various societal forces.

The world of man brainwashed his people and made them slaves to the sovereignty. Those who embraced their God-given spiritual gifts were cast out as witches, blasphemists, etc. Many people were killed. Many were forced to abandon their traditions; others were forced to practice in secret. The men in power began to taper the people into a narrow channel of living which they controlled and of course suited their agenda of greed. Mankind began sleepwalking.

Working long laborious hours in brutal thankless conditions eventually became the norm. The system of power was taking over with brutal force, and there was nothing anyone could do about it. They were helpless, in a state of trauma.

People disassociate when they are in a state of trauma. They leave their bodies, so to speak. It is an innate self-preservation technique. Through generational oppression, the body’s DNA begins to adapt to the trauma. We wake up early, work hard all day, go to bed, repeat. We sell our lives for scraps, just enough to keep us going; like following a trail of breadcrumbs. Day after day, we fall into a fixed routine of fear and lack. The body and mind function on autopilot. We perform in a sleepwalking daze, not present in our bodies, possibly kicking around ideas in our heads, or maybe lost in the ether in between. We consider this normal because we have been conditioned to do so.

In fact, society has applied this glory, a sense of pride, to working long laborious hours in undesirable conditions for skittles to live on. We are so brainwashed that we believe it is a badge of honor to slave away one-third of a lifetime making someone else rich while we struggle to feed our family. It’s disproportionate and it is not what the American dream was founded on.

Happiness, peace, and prosperity are our birthright. We are the great co-creators of our lives. We have tremendous power. We just forgot how to use it. We need to heal the generational collective trauma and come back to life! Humanity desperately needs to get back to the basics of living in harmony with nature and with others. We need to undo the damage, for ourselves and for the collective world in which we live.

Underneath the debris of false conditioning lies an eternal spring of infinite potential! The well is vast, full of creative knowledge, brilliance, beauty, secrets of the universe. Radiant soft white light spills out. It is the eternal glow of oneness that permeates everything. In moments of awakening, one can access this beautiful spring and tap into our true nature of unconditional love and compassion. Amazing creative ideas rise to the surface and give themselves to those who find this joyous place.

How do we clear the debris of false conditioning, to create a dance floor for our fragile egoic being and our highest potential to tango? Where do we get a map that leads us to the deeper layers of self where the eternal spring of infinite potential dwells? It will be different for each person. No two paths are identical. Each is on their own and must work through their own obstacles.

Begin by asking yourself what your why is every day. Why do you, specifically, exist? What matters to you? Why do you do what you do every day? Do you love it? Take some inventory. Sort matters out. Be grateful for your gifts (we all have them). Notice where it can be better. Feel the freedom to live your life.

Become ultra-aware of this one precious life you’re living. Take into account our impermanence on the earth. Life doesn’t have to be as stressful as we have been conditioned to make it. We, as human beings, need to take back our power and live before we die.

A beautiful life can be manifested. We are powerful creators. Study the history of the way things are. Consider the life you are currently living. What does and does not resonate with you. Deep social change starts with the individual who chooses to create his life with freedom, integrity, and perseverance.

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Much love!

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