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Animals Generous


> Ba! ba! generous animals lovely,

> Have you got any gift ,

> For others In time covid,

> Yes ma’am yes ma’am,

> If it is covid time or no covid time,

> We seven animals, Love giving gifts.

> To others needed.



> I am male little bird great grey shrises,

> I make my female friends ,

> Happy during courtship time,

> I fondly offer her food crickets and lizards,

> She lays eggs strong many many,

> These precious gifts strengthen our bonds,

> Make us going with time.


> I am Bonobos , friends,

> I fondly offer foods like banana and apples,

> To other bonobos who are not part of my groups.

> As precious gifts and generate,

> Feel good factor needed.


> I am generous spirited fur cat,

> Dead birds and mice I bring home as gift,

> To teach my kitten food hunt tricks.


> I am scorpion fly,

> With golden heart I fly,

> To my female friend special,

> I fondly gift dead insects.


> I am cowbird tiny,

> Myself my partner,

> Play trick simple trivial,

> We lay our eggs best,

> In unsuspecting bird nest,

> Which become foster parents,

> To our(cowbird) chicks.

> This unique way I offer my soul mate,

> Comfort zone a precious gift.


> I am bird penguin,

> Our community follow,

> Courtship ritual peculiar,

> Male penguin give pebbles,

> To female Penguin,

> With collected pebbles,

> We build house strong,

> Precious gift needed.


> I am friendly generous dolphin,

> I fondly give costal food to humans,

> As friendly jesters,

> Tuna and octopus are my favourites,

> Gifts with which I feast my friend humans.


> You see my friends,

> Like seven world wonders,

> We are generous lovely animals,

> Spreading happiness is our slogan.


> We believe in giving gifts,

> Like us our human friends are humble,

> Who love and reciprocate us uniquely ,

> In covid time our way of life of giving gifts,

> Has helped us and other earth creatures,

> And has inculcated habit of selfless generosity ,

> And in covid/ no covid time we have spreaded,

> Every, type of happiness much needed.


> Sukarma Rani Thareja

> Alumnus IIT K 1986

> India


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