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Journey Junk Glass to Sea Glass

Wow !far out in ground space,

Her eyes wide open,

She was clad in white,

She had no face.

She came to sea!

In her disturbed state of mind,

She talked to sea!

She went into sea, sat on wave sea.

So vast and amazing you are dear sea!

In dream dear sea! – I saw same sea glasses,

Which I brought from your inner deep soul sea!

One blue other pink,

With white lines on two.

After one month again dreamer visited sea,

Sat on sea wave and again brought two sea,

Glasses from Stomach Sea !.

This same pink stone,showed me,

My dear partner, in dream dear sea!,

I am confused in my relationship,

I am struggling,

With my partner and I am wondering,

Whether or not there is still enough “life”,

Left in my relationship to continue dear sea.

Oh dreamer I can’t see your face but your dream,

Is meaningful said dear sea!

Journey of junk glass converting to sea glass,

Through my water friction, Ph, velocity is harsh,

Some relationships journey sometime is same,

Dear dreamer!

Your psyche is using,

My precious gift “sea glasses”,

You are owning, in dream,

Dreamer! you are seeing your deeper self,

Psychological equivalent of a junk glass to sea glass,

In your dream to expand your consciousness.

I will suggest go ahead with your relationship dreamer!

and take decision of important area of life,

This hard ship will shape your individuation,

Your personality to better one dear dreamer,

As enough life is left in relationship to continue,

And drive this relationship with partner to level,

High On my tides said sea,

You will enjoy friendship of your loved ones,

With my bliss said sea!

Dreamer please collect symbol-deeper self,

Strong love bonds best beautiful,

Shining sea glasses from me,

Before you fast disappear in me.

Dr Sukarma Rani Thareja,

Associate Professor-Retired

CSJM University

Alumnus IIT-K-1986,Ph.D(Chemistry)



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