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Lonely Soul-sole-Repairs-Sole Sitter

Soul-Sole-Repair-Sole Sitter

Scientist – I see you every day my friend sole sitter,sitting in lawns of university

Sole sitter –I also see you scientist sitting in lab, pondering over when even single soul is not in your lab ;lonely soul,

Will you come with me to a shop nearby,scientist

As I do not wish to be sole sitter there too.

Scientist- with you I would love to come,

Please pick me up in your car if possible,

I can’t walk, I have problem dear,

As my shoe soles are not in condition good,

They need to be repaired

Sole sitter- oh I see scientist my soul needs repair too ,

That’s why every day I visit temple shop – repair my soul,

I also collect some old broken shoes from my friend shop

I seek God’s blessings to heal my broken soul,

So collected shoes I get them repaired and distribute

Among needy children near temple shop

God is kind and gives me energy positive, repairs my soul,

My soul feel happy when I do some positive for needy angels, 

Come friend, after visiting shop-repair soul,

For free– I will repair your shoe sole,

And will also do shoe sole repairing of shoes, 

Which I wish to distribute to needy angels, 

My friend scientist I’m not only a sole sitter as you named me, 

but I am cobbler too dear friend. 

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IIT-K-1986


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