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Old Research Lab Doors-Self Talk

Research Lab Doors

We are two doors of research lab,

We have been together for many years,

Togetherness is our treasure,

We have seen times good and bad ,

Of many brilliant researchers and visitors, On face having no frown lines,

And marks of frustrations and confusion, We have seen visitors-doing

science, With serious discussions, Laughing with friends and coworkers,

Until tears roll down their cheeks.

We are symbols of strength to researchers During their tough times,

Researchers trust us, care for us, For them we are bank of blessings.

Though some people around lab,

Say both of us(doors) are getting grey,

Yet friends we are highlights of wisdom, We are like credit card , for

every ,researcher -visitor to lab, We are happy every alumnus, Of lab is

our back bone card.

With experience our every researcher,has grown taller, In their field

respective, But for us(doors),they are same, child like,researchers.

We have heard, authorities

Are replacing two doors,

With one big door,

Under new technology,

Which give safety more,

To every research lab.

Our last wish is to never part,

from each other,

If it happen so we two doors,

Will part from each other,

And will be part of bin dust,

Struggling to survive,

With sweet memories,

Of prestigious lab,

Where we two doors fondly,

Gave warm welcome to every,

Reseracher- visitor of lab.

Sukarma Rani Thareja

Associate Professor Retired

CSJM University

Alumnus IIT K 1986



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