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Son-mom when I was a child,

I used to receive,

Materialistic presents,

Wrapped in silver,

Paper with ribbon,

Such gift made us,

In happy mood.

Mom-son when you grew up,

And attended college ,

You exchanged gifts ,

of another kind.

Son- yes mom instead of, materialistic gift presents,

We exchanged notes,

shared knowledge,

Many ideas we shared,

in air,

A thoughtful gifts.

Mom -during adulthood son ,

this is,

One another dimensions,

added to such collection of gifts.

Son -yes mom we started appreciating nature beauty, it’s hidden,

Perfect discipline and maths.

Mom- yes son you found sun set ; sun rise a beautiful phenomenon,

Melodious song of bird, was wonderful gift to you.

Son-mom we started realising,

there, is so much in nature,

to be adored,

Which we get but just ignore.

Mom -son this love and respect,

for nature is best gift,

Which has settled down ,

at back of our mind and heart,

It has given us creativity,

And sense of beauty in arts.

Son -mom as I am growing in profession as scientists

My love for scientific projects

Experiment, theory, student, researchers is sitting ,

in my heart,

which is also a precious,

present in itself.

Mom-son sharing this scientific, aptitude and love is greatest unique,

Gift says Thareja Sukarma- mom.

Son -creativity in science is gift, given by God to me dear mom.

Mom- it is so valuable ,

for scientist dear son.

Son- scientists have special ways,

they are people who always seems,

to give special gift to,

Humanity by bringing ,

and brightening,

every ones ways.

Sukarma Rani Thareja

Associate professor retired

CSJM university

Alumnus IIT K

Kanpur, UP


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