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Scientist Journey -Lord Rama-Lord krishna

Scientist- Journey

Mom-I am so proud son!,

That you are on the path,

To becoming a research scientist.

Son- while in river of scientific knowledge boat, I come across banks of

evil, Like war between nations when, I wish to go towards divine shore,

There are clouds and rain in my journey,

I get wisdom in scientific life,

Between pleasure and pain.

Mom-son! as everything works because of science,

Please don’t slow down, your gain in pace,

Of knowledge scientific,

Be fascinated with; aptitude scientific,

With lot of fun;

keep it well in place,

Please learn and teach every sciences concept with intentions good like

lord Rama,

Keep active your drives and urge,

For invention in science.

Son- mom! in this auspicious journey,

I have began to accept my deficiency,

I know good teachers, scientist and mentors,

To some length can hold my hand,

I have learnt mom! I cannot lean longer to them,

If I wish to climb in field of science success ladder.

Mom- son! please remember materialistic presents Are not promises,

Your hard work with dedication is path best,

Son! please accept your shortcomings,

With your head up and open eyes.

Son-Mom! I have learnt too much shine sun,

Can give me deep skin burns,

I try my best to build my own roads, To get scientific success.

Mom-son! plant your own scientific garden,

With your decorated soul like lord Krishna,

Teaching in Shrimad Bhagvat Gita.

Son- In scientific projects I learn and,

Apply every science concept in depth,

Which endure me and make me strong.

Mom-son! basic mantra is to learn, learn and learn, And make others learn

with good intentions,

With every good bye to scientific project learn,

In between observe silence and introspect my son!.

Mom-son! faithfully you tried your best,

To live your life imitating lord Rama,

And in process evolved as promising young scientist.

Son- mom! I wish I could inspire love- scientific knowledge truth, Among

masses and light path which leads our youth,

For future brightness,

Now I am moving towards,

Near evening of my scientific life, Wish I could follow teachings of

Gita-Shrimad Bhagvad,

Imitate lord Krishna in scientific and personal life,

Forming good policies for scientific world,

Making serious efforts to fight for peace- humanity.

Mom -yes son! I am happy your scientific Journey – a process ,

Started with imitating lord Rama, observing science dharama With your

honest efforts you will,

Be successful in completing your call, A mission-full of endeavours-


Like lord Krishna-who sought adharama,

Destroyed it and established dharma ( mindful observation)

Dr Sukarma Rani Thareja,

Associate Professor-Retired

CSJM University

Alumnus IIT-K-1986,Ph.D(Chemistry)



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Web site-sukarma thareja


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