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The Torment of Cupid

Damn those humans. He was among the oldest of the Gods yet still controlled by the perceptions of man. As their view of the Gods changed, so did the Gods themselves. When they’d begun imagining him as a winged infant. . . He’d wanted to blast them out of existence. But the others had refused.

And if Venus didn’t stop picking him up and trying to nurse him he’d lose his mind. He was thousands of years older, was there at her birth, making the whole thing quite disturbing. But she too, had been affected by human perception. After infantilizing him, they’d determined he needed a mother. Next thing he knew, Venus was cooing at him, for Olympus sake!

Originally fully developed with piercing blue eyes, chiseled face, sculpted body, he could turn even a Goddesses head. He cursed Venus again. Because of her whining about Psyche he’d lost focus. The next thing he knew he’d woken up as a cute little cherub, toy-sized bow and arrow clutched in his chubby fist. He wanted to shoot every human straight through the heart alright, and not with love arrows either!

Only sacrifice could nullify the effects of human perception. Now his wings, the only thing about his appearance he loved, lay bloody by his side. For the first time he knew suffering, the jagged wounds on each burgeoning shoulders a fiery anguish. Floating down into blissful oblivion, he didn’t see Venus’s approach, threaded needle in one hand, the other held over her heart.

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