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Broken Moths 

You are a flame. A source of energy that is wild, beautiful, dangerous, and sometimes soft. It took you years to cultivate that but once you did, there was no looking back.

You made many mistakes, fell repeatedly, yet you never stopped growing. Now you are here, a bright light that shows the way for many. Some will follow and create their own light.

There will also be those who are moths with broken wings. They see your light and want to be a part of it. They see what you are and want the same for themselves. They approach you, tease you with the fluttering of their broken wings, and you decide to dance with them.

They want that light. They want to be consumed by it. You offer it to them, only to watch them burn. Or, they will try to stamp it out. Or, they look at your light and wonder what to do with it.

The broken moths have no place near your light. Their wings tell tales of their own destruction. Yet, they want that light to glow inside of them.

Save your light for those who can create their own. The broken moths will only turn into ash as they smile in ignorant bliss.

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