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Sing Black Woman…Sing

Lyrics healing from the depths

(Photo by Rodnae Productions on Pexels)

Where is the harmony? Where is the song?

Where is the sweetness that cradled my spirit and stayed with me all the day long?

Bring me your voice, let it comfort and guide,

lingering warmly forever inside,

no not even alone when in agony I’ve cried for some care and understanding.

Sing to me Black goddess and soothe my weary mind.

Let your melody flood my heart

and all my troubles find.

The sound of your voice made the Ancestors sigh,

all the heavenly bodies of the universe draw nigh.

O for a world where music is law…

Sing to me, my queen!

Hearing your comfort will drown out these screams

that resound in my head and destroy all my dreams

Sing a song full of triumph,

or of love out of time.

Sing whatever you wish,

just as long as it’s mine.

And as a genie set free, I will grant your desire,

filling your days with eternal passion and nights with endless fire.

O let this song live when one day you have passed

into another world where your freedom will last.

Whispers and prayers that your words will be cast,

transcending time and beyond.

(This poem has been previously published by the author on Vocal Media)

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