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The Secret to Healing is Under Your Feet

Global stress is on the rise. Stress is nothing new, but what is new is that we are feeling it more intensely.

Never before have we been so connected to others on the planet. We have the internet to thank for that, but what affected us all on a global level was a virus. There wasn’t a human being on this planet that wasn’t impacted by the news.

Everyone, except the guy forging berries and getting his water from the river, which is accessible only by turning left at the 3rd Sequoia tree, East of the granite boulder.

He didn’t know about any virus and was quite happy.

However, most of us are plugged in. We are tapped into “the cloud”, or should I say, the smog puff of technology and media. Plus, there are a rising number of people opening themselves up to a deeper awareness and higher consciousness. Their innate sense is skeptical. They know something more is going on than what we have been told.

If we pay attention, we can ultimately feel when things are off. However, many people ignore the urges or are so over-cluttered with worry and fear.

I don’t watch the news or have a crystal ball, but I can sense when things are going to get whacky in the collective. It’s an unpleasant ability to have, at times.

Like animals that run for the hills right before a natural disaster, I can sense a tragedy days prior to a national news event.

It can be troubling, but it has benefited me living in Florida. While everyone is panicking about the Category 5 hurricane that the news said will kill them, I am enjoying the empty roads and beaches.

I believe our bodies become more receptive to these energies when we experience trauma. We are programmed for survival, therefore; alarming frequencies are recognized by the body and it sends out a warning signal. If you are in tune with these subtle reflexes, you will know when something is amiss.

Now that we have experienced trauma together, we are more receptive to the emotional responses of the collective. Lots of people do not understand this and may think something is wrong with them. They get upset easily and aren’t sure why. But when we can recognize it as not our own, and work through it, our compassion for others increases.

God knows we need more of that!

However, we don’t want to be dragging around the worries of the world like an ankle bracelet attached to a chain gang.

These charges can build up, creating a multitude of health problems, such as:

Poor Sleep

Lower immunity

Chronic Pain

Brain Fog

We have to learn how to release or neutralize these energies. An excellent way is called Grounding or Earthing.


Grounding facilitates a significant transfer of free electrons from the Earth into the body, resulting in physiological changes. It restores and maintains the inner electrical environment.

Our ancestors walked barefoot or had footwear made from animal skin. They also slept on the ground or on skins. The ground’s abundant free electrons could easily enter the body. Every part of the body could equilibrate with the electrical potential of the Earth, stabilizing the electrical currents of all their organs, tissues, and cells.

Our modern lifestyle has separated us from the primordial flow of Earth’s electrons. Beginning in the 60s when textiles became more available, we ditched real leather shoes and switched to rubber and plastic soled shoes.

The same is true for our bedding, flooring, and linens. Organic raw materials have been replaced with synthetics.

In 2011, two Polish researchers, Sokal and Sokal, performed a series of experiments on grounding using copper. It’s an interesting study, where they strapped copper plates to the subjects and connected them to the ground. You can read Earthing the Human Body Influences Physiologic Processes in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine if you like.

If graphs, numbers, and reading science journals is not your thing, you gotta check out this phenomenal movie. It is well worth the hour!

The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding


What Science Reveals; The Benefits of Grounding/Earthing.

Reduces/eliminates chronic inflammation.

Reduces/eliminates pain.

Improves your sleep.

It improves blood flow to nourish your entire body with vital oxygen and nutrition.

Improves your vitality. You look and feel better.

Decreases stress in the body.

Reduces hormonal and menstrual symptoms.

Reduces muscle tension and headaches.

Accelerates healing from trauma, injuries, and sports/exercise activity.

Protects the body against possibly health-disturbing electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Ways you can Ground

Walk outside barefoot. Can’t go barefoot? Wear Shoes with leather soles.

Touch the soil as much as possible. Garden. Get your hands and feet dirty.

Use grounding mats for your feet.

Earthing/Grounding Mats are great to have under your feet while you are on the computer. Since computers emanate electromagnetic charges that can be harmful, this is an excellent place to put a grounding mat. This one here also has EMF protection.

Try putting one by your bathroom mirror to ground, while you are getting ready for your day.

Grounding mats are surprisingly inexpensive since the benefits are priceless.

Sleep with grounding bed mats.

Grounding Sleep Mats will calm the nervous system, providing you with an excellent night’s sleep. Sleep is one of the best ways to balance hormones and reduce pain, stress, and inflammation.

Fascinated with grounding? You can get pillows, blankets, yoga mats, and even a grounding pet bed for your overly rambunctious dog. Check out Hooga and its line of products.

Things to Avoid

Synthetic Bedding

Rubber-Soled Shoes

Pleather Shoes

Synthetic Flooring: Carpets and rugs should be made with natural fibers. Use wood or ceramic and natural stone tiles. No linoleum.


I hope this gave you insight into how important Mother Earth is to our health. We need to take care of her because she takes care of us in ways we cannot even comprehend.

Living a minimalist life seems to be one of the answers as to how we can balance ourselves and our planet, in order to fully thrive!

Thea Williams Scalco- Lover of all things magical

Author of The Real Us (and we’re not crazy)

If you feel grounded and cheery, why not contribute to my vision of opening a healing center, where children run barefoot, garden, and bang on the drums all day! Buy me a coffee link.

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