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Most of us walk through this world with our eyes closed

Unaware of the creatures that lie unexposed

Destroying our mental fortitude so they can take us unopposed

From the waking to the dreaming world where our sanities decompose

I was naive and ignorant, opening the eyes within my mind

I knew I shouldn’t have done it, but I was curious about what I’d find

Days, weeks, months went by, reality starting to blur as ours and theirs intertwine

Then it revealed itself, a being easy to describe but impossible to define

The price of knowledge is a heavy toll that must be paid

Its corruption shattering my psyche, leaving it sickly and in decay

Scuttering into and defiling my thoughts, my mind too fragile to put up a barricade

My salvation, my tranquility the bottom of a bottle, nothing more than a band-aid

I could feel its tentacles wiggling inside my skull as it wrapped around my brain

Its influence strong and persistent my sanity beginning to drain

Until it had complete control over me, trapping my mind in its domain

A realm so gruesome and horrible all that could be felt was pain

I was screaming for freedom, but it ignored my cries

It was too busy spreading its madness wearing me as a disguise

When I remembered a passage in the book that helped me create these ties

You must close what you opened; you must shut your eyes

Opening my eyes led me to this situation

Finding myself in a realm of my own interpretation

Seeking a monster with unimaginable information

Fueled by my misguided motivation

My suffering eternal my pain nonstop

I knew what I had to do, and I only had one chance to make the swap

I quickly grabbed a spoon and severed or bond with two loud pops

No longer under its control as my eyes free from my skull drop

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