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is a beast we feed.

The best way to alleviate this sad feeling is to starve any attachment it has on us with purposeful action.

When I look at days when I have felt like I am missing out it’s because I am not doing anything or I am looking sideways rather than keeping my head down.

Contrast this with days where I am most confident is when I know what I am doing. This can be a simple day of me writing, doing work, or reading- I am confident with this being necessary to my bigger purpose so don’t get the fear of missing out.

It is when I’m focussed on my ‘Why’ that I have purpose and drive and no comparison.

Not having an agenda for your time allows space for other people to take up your time- either mentally or physically.

We often forget the mental part.

The response for us doesn’t mean making monumental outlandish plans every day.

It just calls for intentionality- because do you remember the last time you intentionally chose to compare yourself to someone else on Instagram? That’s right, never. It comes out of a place of boredom, lack of direction, and insecurity.

Intentionality breeds a knowledge that what you are doing is right for you now- that your direction is good despite maybe looking different from that of your contemporaries.

Some practical things I have found helpful recently:

  1. Dig deep into why you are doing things.
  2. Remind yourself daily what your values, desires, and goals are.
  3. Just remember different people, professions and relationships have different roadmaps and time scales.
  4. Get introspective, get harsh on yourself, work on yourself daily.
  5. Social media is fake and a massive distraction. If you can’t use it as a tool don’t use it at all.

So get out there and enjoy the things that speak to you. Creating those personalised adventures based on your purpose is amazing because they are so wonderfully unique.

The earlier you understand the difference to be okay the quicker the beast of FOMO doesn’t bite at you. Someone else’s party may be fun in ‘societies’ eyes but you may hate it. You knowing yourself and getting deep on that is essential.

So venture onward and make a difference FOMO-free!

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