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All You – 1.12.16

When I think of you and your embrace All I can imagine is your skin. Your skin so soft but rugged Because the small coarse hairs on your arms Your face Your head Won’t let your real tenderness compete with mine They speak for you when you’re silent Because every time you hold me Each grip Each caress Pulls me in In to the point where I can only see me in your eyes. In your eyes, I see will and determination. A guarded heart but a deepened mind That needs to be explored Like the Smoky Mountains Where you are Where we will be Where the trees feel the need To show off In gold, orange, green, yellow, red, brown Those eyes of yours I’m reminded of again (I guess you know my favorite feature on you now Other than a smile that can melt the day away) Eyes with a color so chocolate brown so dense I can taste the sweetness of your lips from here. Your lips. Not red from holding your tongue But coral because that’s the only sea I’ll see Unless we can vacation away to the waves of your heart. Your heart. That’s who I hope to become So when people find you They find me Giving my efforts My love My passion Keeping you alive Make them see That for me I’m all you.

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