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Things that you do that may be Linked to ADHD

As I’ve grown into adulthood, I’ve noticed some things about myself that are very different from when I grew up in a structured home, and went through structured schooling (K-12). I’ve done lots of research about things, and my research keeps leading to ADHD. I scheduled an appointment with a psychiatrist to undergo testing, and wanted to share some of my symptoms, as they seem very general, but could be symptoms of ADHD.


I think everyone is disorganized but mine feels like it’s to another level. I will sit my keys and wallet down in a place where, allegedly, I’d remember where I put them, but then cannot find them 10 minutes later.

2. Time management issues

I will make a list of things I need to get done in a, some being extremely time sensitive, but still wait until the very last minute to do it. Whenever I make a list, I notice myself doing the activities that are the least important and require the least amount of effort to get done, instead of the time sensitive ones that need to be done ASAP. I am fully aware that I am doing this and that I shouldn’t be, but my brain will not allow me to do it “normally.”

3. Lack of focus

I don’t know if this is entirely ADHD related, but definitely odd, is I cannot seem to watch any tv show or movie that I haven’t already see 100 times. Whenever I try to start something new, I lose focus within 10 minutes of watching it and instantly resort to forensic files (a series that I’ve literally seen every episode at least 3 times), or something aviation related. This also applies to music; I cannot find new music to listen to because I just find some kind of comfort in listening to songs that I already know every single word of.

Another thing that ties into lack of focus, is whenever I’m speaking to someone, I lose focus and just zone out and my mind starts racing. It doesn’t even have to be anything important that takes my attention away. I have to make a conscious effort to zone myself back into the conversation that I’m supposed to be actively listening to.

These are just a few symptoms, but I definitely have more that I may do a separate article on. Please comment if any of you can relate to any of these or have any knowledge of ADHD as I await my appointment to get tested!

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