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The curse!!

It is said that the name of the lake, “Cincis”, comes from the five people who built five houses here, thus founding the village. . It is also said that the five (grandfather, son and three grandchildren) were brave fighters who saved their emperor from Turkish captivity, in a fight at a place called today “Poiana Turcului”. As a result, they received the Cincis area as a reward. year 1360.

In 1962, by order of Ceausescu, two villages and four hamlets (Cincis, Cerna, Plosca, Balana, Moara Ungurului and Baia Craiului) were relocated on Iuba Hill to make way for the Cincis reservoir. The 800 locals of Cincis village then saw their 205 godpodarii and 4 churches swallowed by water. Nothing was forgiven, not even the cemeteries, from which the locals, those who could, were forced to relocate their dead.

The years began to slowly fall over the lake. During periods of drought, the water level began to drop, and the tower of one of the churches 25 meters below the water came to the surface. Anyone passing through the area then made a cross and hurried away. You could not see such a thing without trembling. The villagers came to the shore of the lake and mourned their dead buried in water-covered cemeteries.

Since then, people in the area say that strange things are happening around this reservoir. Locals say that Lake Cincis could be cursed, accompanying what was said with paranormal stories and events.

 Some say that their animals do not come close to water. In addition, during the night, the locals also say that they can see the spirits of the dead who are haunted looking for their houses destroyed in water and eternal places. Another strange phenomenon that happens right in the middle of stagnant water is the storms that rise from nothing and that scare the locals.

However, the above stories are not the only words that come out of the villagers’ mouths, because through the localities around Cincis village there are different stories and legends in which the locals have learned to believe from their own experience.

A strange incident that still has repercussions is the death of a football player in the Cincis reservoir in the 1970s. At that time, the authorities tried hard to save him, but they did not even manage to find his body.

 The divers from the spot also reached the bottom of the lake, coming out of the terrified waters and telling how they saw snakes and dark darkness from which nothing could be discerned. Moreover, one of the divers who arrived near the place where the cemeteries were, went out on the shore and did not say another word, being hospitalized even by the insane asylum hospital for a year.

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  1. Strange happenings. I live near a reservoir created in a flooded valley that was previously a village too. The village was relocated, the church tower can be seen when waters are low. I don’t know of any strange happenings there though!