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The Sweetest Little Man Made A  Pass At Me Today

On my way to the grocery store this afternoon, a male American Staffordshire Terrier happily trotted up alongside me, then made his way up the parking lot to the pizzeria. But they would not allow him to stay inside.

So he ventured back onto the parking lot and tried to gain favor with some patrons instead. But none would let him in their car, and he sure did try to sway one dog owner in particular (whose own dog was excitedly waiting to ride home with a new friend in the car).

Undeterred, the Staffie carried on, attempting to gain the attention of passersby, and eventually, as I approached the grocery store, he found his way to me and tried to walk into the store. I managed to corral him back into the vestibule before calling for help to get him the rest of the way outside, then I went in to shop.

The dog was still there – trying to regain entry as I left the store. But he had strayed, and we have a leash law in this village, so the store manager called our local dog control officer while I was still in the store. He hadn’t arrived yet by then. But I hope when he did, he brought a wand to check for a microchip and that the dog didn’t have to stay at the shelter for very long before his owner picked him up.

He was a sweet pup. So if I didn’t already live in a complex with a pet limit restriction, I would have stayed behind to find out if the warden could reach his owner. And if he couldn’t, and it was okay with the warden, I would have taken him home with me. But if he could reach the owner, and it was cool with the owner and the warden (given the broken leash law), I still would have taken the Staffie home with me. After all, he’d have been so much more comfortable lounging out in my living room than curling up in some stinky old kennel.

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