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Favorite lines:

It was summer. The hours in a day could stretch on forever, and she did not have to whirl back to the house where she was staying until night had fallen; night fell late.

Those lines are just a sample of the beautiful prose you can expect from New York Times bestselling author Silvia Moreno-Garcia. The Beautiful Ones was my first time reading this particular author’s work. I was not disappointed.

Moreno-Garcia transports us into a world of old money, elegance and privilege. A world where love, loyalty and family duty rarely equal personal happiness.

This well paced story is about a love triangle between:

Nina, a wide-eyed young woman, making her debut during the grand season. Losail a different world from her country life, could she keep her talent hidden.

Hector, a world famous theater performer with a dedicated heart. He did anything for love, including working his way up the ranks of high society.

Valerie, a dutiful matriarch charged with molding the naive Nina through her first grand season / She was a mistress at navigating the deep inter-webs that balanced polite society in Losail. More Importantly, Valerie was one of the beautiful ones. Her heart hardened in order to do her family duty.

What left me wanting more was a deeper understanding on how talents play in this world. Talents do give us an interesting catalyst for the story and give us a hint of magic, but I wanted to know more.

This story was a smooth read, but I also wanted to know more about the deeper intricacies of the beautiful ones. It felt as if we only got to skim the surface while watching the characters navigate in this world.


The Beautiful Ones is a very relaxing read that I couldn’t put down. It is perfect for an afternoon where you want to get lost in something mystical full of secrets, duty, love, and regrets.

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