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His end, Her beginning ~ Chapter 18

Love’s Awakening

Tyah wakes up with the brightness of daylight beaming on her face. Her eyes slowly open as she smells an enticing cologne. She could hear the rhythmic beat of a heart. The consistent sound of a heart beating jarred her to alertness. Finally, her eyes are fully open. She realizes that her face is resting against Eric’s chest. Her eyes glance further down, and she sees their bodies are intertwined. Now Tyah became fully awake! Oh my goodness, she thought.

She tried to free herself from his hold around her waist as he snored softly. Tyah gently lifted his hand and slid her body onto the floor. Then, she caught her breath and looked at Eric, making sure she didn’t wake him. Sitting there for a few minutes, Tyah puts her hand over her face shaking her head out of happy embarrassment.

She peaks at him through her fingers and notices he’s still sleeping. His unruly dark hair lay on his neck and forehead like a young boy’s. She couldn’t help but think how cute. His brows were thick, and those long, straight lashes were so dark he looked like he had on eyeliner. This morning, his lips were curved into a faint half-smile as she smiled back, wondering if he subconsciously was thinking about her.

Is that what’s behind the smile your his lips? She thought.

A man who smiles only makes him more attractive. Tyah thought she might like to be the motivation to see him smile more often. His chin was firm as she trailed her fingers down the outline of his jaw, enjoying the light bristles of hair starting to appear on his face.

Tyah placed her hand’s palm across the column of his neck and felt his steady pulse beating, ‘thud, thud, thud.’ It fascinated her for some strange reason. He was quite simply beautiful. She’d never thought of a man’s mouth as being sexy before. But this man’s mouth tantalized her into wanting to kiss him every time.

His lips seemed carved; they were so clearly defined but somewhat pouty. She touched his mouth gently, running her finger lightly over his parted lips, tracing the shallow groove that ran down from his nose. When he wakes up, he’ll be ready to leave her again, back to his friends and family, leaving her without a thought. She’ll be alone.

Tyah got up and decided to go busy herself with chores. She first washed his clothes, pressed them, and laid them out on the chair in the washroom for him to put on this morning. Then she went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Breakfast was ready, so she went into the living where he was still asleep. Pausing for a moment, she stops and looks out the window at the snow gradually falling.

Part of her remained strangely empty and fearful of what would happen when he awakened. Yet, the other part of her felt nervously eager to talk to him. These were normal feelings after the emotional roller coaster ride she experienced with him in such a short time.

Tyah was happy that she was able to help and be there for him in this small way. But at the same time, it also contributes to her deeper feelings. Knowing he saved her life, took care of her in her time of need, and now she was returning the favor. So she figured he might want to part on those terms even though she felt differently.

While she stood there gazing out of the window, Tyah’s deep thoughts were, interrupted by a man’s voice that groaned. Tyah realized he was awakening and went into the kitchen. Eric was turning onto his back as his eyes opened, looking around several times. He wondered if he had an out-of-body experience. He sat up on the sofa a little too quickly as the pain in his ribcage brought back all the memories of his horrific accident.

The pain forced him back against the sofa. He continues to analyze his surrounding. Finally, Eric realizes where he has been most of the night. Eric’s eyes traveled over to the window, and he saw daylight trickle into the living room through all the white snow that was falling. He whipped his head around to look at the other side of the room, expecting to see Tyah. Instead, he found that he was all alone and wondered if he had been all alone throughout the night.

Thoughts ran through his head as he slowly rose off the sofa. “I wonder if what I dreamed did happen? If it did, was she upset with me? I hope I didn’t do anything inappropriate.”

But he remembers everything as if it did happen. Unfortunately, too clearly, and yes, it was all very inappropriate for a man who claims he doesn’t want to get involved. Thank goodness I don’t talk in my sleep, or did I? All the unanswered questions brought about more frustration.

When Eric went to stand up, he found that he was in his underwear and his long John shirt. He tried to quickly sit back down and threw the covers over his lap. Then, putting forth great effort, he stands again, taking the blanket to wrap it around his body tightly as he proceeds to stroll into the kitchen slowly. He quietly stands back when he sees Tyah moving about in the cutest little pajama set, bending over and searching through the refrigerator.

Although he enjoyed the view, an image pops up in his head, revealing quite well that his hands touched that area. He cleared his throat, smiling. Even though he enjoyed the beautiful scenery, he thought it was only suitable to let Tyah know she wasn’t alone.

“Good Morning,” he said sultrily.

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