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Will he reappear?

That was my question today, Will be it possible? To see him again, and can to talk, and dating, can talk about the things that happened, and be ables to start again? 

I am not very sure if I’ve felt that sensation before, maybe is just my ego, maybe is the fact that he didn’t text me anymore,, or maybe is the feeling that permit connect with your soulmate. Does exist the soul mate?… Oh God, this guy, It was amazing the second date, the best second date in my life! well, maybe not the best but definitely   one of my best dating. And is that what another thing is possible to ask, when he takes you to your favorite place in the world?

He texted me the night before, I was dating with another guy by the way, and when I received the text it made my smile appears… He said on his text: “I’ll see you tomorrow on this place, take confortable shoes”. I didn’t suspect the plan, the spot to meeting was in a parking lot. I was super excited to see him again, and obviously I was super cute and prepare, you know, for that day. Well, I parked my car next to his car, and he drove until the secret place, once more I was a little afraid, but at the same time I just wanted continue. He drove almost 1 hour and in the meantime we were talking about food, nutrition, work, stress  and life, in one moment he said: “The point is you looks amazing today” awww even I knew that. It was so cute to heard it though, and obviously my ego, said: “Task accomplished, He noticed that”….. 1 Hour after we arrived to the magical and surprise place. 

In this place you can feel the peaceful in your heart, you can rest, you can meditate with the sound, you can sleep and to make the love, is the perfect place for anything. We are almost alone on that site. He mentioned a game or beat to do in that moment, and one of the rules was giving him a kiss, you see why I said that he is a fox? with his perfect eyes, I just kissed and kissed and continue kissing. in that moment the kiss was bigger and longer and passionated, that kiss where you can feel giving to the other your body, your soul, your all!…

 It was the sensation that I kept. It was the sensation that I will remember him maybe forever.

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