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Infection of the Dead (Western Frontier)

Nothing lasts forever… The world we once knew it’s gone and with that, we adapt. We shall overcome even the greatest of evils. It has been done a thousand times before and it will happen again. Peace and prosperity have come to an end. Now the world is on fire but with it, we shall enter a new age.

This is the story of one, Josh Holloway, and how he rose to become a legend.


3 Days before the Outbreak

“Hey Josh,” Said Keith, “get a puff off this blunt”

“Thanks, Keith” Replied Josh while grabbing the blunt from Keith and hitting it.

“You know I was always curious what would happen if zombies were real. Said Josh thoughtfully while handing the blunt back to Keith.

“Haha… Like that will ever happen… Plus even if it did the military would easily be able to kill any infected.” Said Keith.

“You’re probably right but it’s interesting to think about.” Said Josh.

“Have you heard about the virus that’s going around?” Asked Keith while taking another hit from the blunt and handing it back to Josh.

“Yeah, I don’t think anything major is gonna come about since only a few people are infected here in the states.” Replied Josh while taking another hit of the blunt.

“Let’s hope not.”


Day 1

“It’s a bright day here in Porterville… Nothing can ruin it.” Said Keith while walking down the neighborhood street next to his friend Josh.

“You got that right. Come on, let’s hurry up, we’re gonna be late for school.” Replied Josh

“Don’t worry about it. The teachers couldn’t give a fuck, we’re seniors.” Exclaimed Keith while ripping his Juul.

“True, but still we probably don’t want to piss off our math teacher. What a bitch she can be.” Said Josh who continued down the street with Keith in tow.

“Tell me about it Ms. Roberson is a complete bitch and half the time she is complaining about her job or being an assholr or some shit instead of doing her fucking job.” Said Keith who then coughed because he hit his Juul too hard.

“Hey wait a minute. Don’t you find it weird that there is no one out here?” Said, Josh

“No I don’t, it’s 7:30 in the morning I think.” Said Keith while shrugging off his mild concern.

“Well anyway, we’re here so let’s get to math.” Said Josh while opening the doors to the high school.

When the two of them walked in they noticed that there weren’t many students around. They then noticed one of three friends sitting down on a bench in the hallway.

“Hey Ethan, do you know what’s up and why there are barely any people here?” Asked Josh while sitting down next to Ethan.

“I gotta use the bathroom, I’ll see you in math class,” Said Keith, walking off to the bathroom.

“See you in class then bro,” Said Josh who just when Keith left overheard a student saying something.

“Have you seen Ms. Roberson?” Asked the Student

“No I haven’t, last I heard was that she ran into one of the bathrooms because some crazy bitch, bit her on her way to school.” Answered another student.

Keith walked into the bathroom and noticed some blood was on the sink. Thinking nothing of it he walked over to the stall but before he could push it open a figure stumbled out. An extremely pale Ms. Roberson stumbled over to Keith as he backed away slowly. The most distinctive feature that struck fear into Keith’s soul was her crazy golden eyes. Keith Screamed as the slowly rotting corpse of Ms. Roberson fell on top of him and started to rip apart his neck as he screamed in pain.

AHHHHHHHHHH! Screamed Keith as his neck got torn apart.


Josh ran into the bathroom to see Keith or what was left being torn into. “What the fuck.” That was all he could mutter as he looked at the gruesome sight.

Walker Roberson lifted its head and its crazy yellow and golden eyes would haunt him as it growled at Josh, its face and neck covered in the blood and guts of his friend. Josh, having no other option quickly collected himself and ran away while all the other students started and teachers panicked and ran as well. Josh tried to find Ethan in all the chaos and that was when one of the classroom doors slammed open as students poured out. One of the students had a huge bite wound on his neck as he was gurgling on his blood.

“Holy Shit.. what is happening? Josh asked himself as he ran out of the building. The outside was a horrific sight as people were getting eaten and chewed up on the street. In the distance, he heard continuous gunfire that seemed to be attracting some of the undead away. Other than that, all he saw was death and destruction. There were overturned cars, dead bodies, and walkers roaming around looking for their next victim. It was a devastating sight and made him wonder if this was happening globally.

Josh then saw what appeared to be an AR 15 on the ground. Thinking fast he ran over while there were no walkers around and grabbed the gun and bashed the dead guy’s head that was next to the gun so he wouldn’t reanimate. He also grabbed three magazines filled with 5.56 ammo that the guy had on him and ran back home. He kept going, ignoring walkers and people as he ran, gun in hand.

Josh ran two blocks back to his house where all he saw was destruction and death. All of what he once knew was gone. When he made it back to his house he saw a warzone with hundreds of walkers flooding the neighborhood and when he heard the screams of his mother and father and then just as quickly silence he knew what their fate was as he let a single tear leave his eyes.

Josh ran down the block until he heard someone call him over to his house. Josh with red teary eyes entered the man’s home who he recognized as his supervisor at work, Landon.

“Hey Josh I need to tell you something”

“Yeah, I already know the world has gone to hell. We are fucked. My family is gone and we aren’t getting out of this shit.. at least not with our sanity”

“While you are right that’s not what I was going to tell you, what I was going to tell you is that you don’t need to be bitten to reanimate but once someone dies if the brain isn’t destroyed they will come back as a walker.” Said Landon.

“I figured as much that’s why there is some dried blood on the butt of my rifle,” Josh said quietly.”Anyway, why did you call me here?” Asked Josh skeptically.

“I have been preparing for a disaster like this for the past twenty-five years. My basement has been converted to be a makeshift bomb shelter as well as having enough food and water to last three years for four people. I also have a small room where you can stay. You’re gonna be living with my wife and my son as well so don’t cause problems.” Said Landon while looking strangely at the backpack that Josh had on his shoulders.

“Don’t worry I won’t and as for the backpack, I figured I would need it to hold shit but I haven’t gotten the chance to empty it of my school shit.” Replied Josh while he opened the front door. He walked about twenty feet away from the house and unzipped his bag, dumping mostly everything from it.

“Oh ok, that makes sense. Anyway, I could use some help with something if you’re up for it?” Asked Landon.

“What do you need help with?” Asked Josh in reply as he zipped up his bag.

“I have a friend who is good when it comes to working with metal and he has forged dozens of swords.”

“Why?” Asked Josh, intrigued.

“I don’t know, I never asked but those swords are gonna be useful against the walkers outside.” A lot better than a loud ass gun that will draw those freaks to us.” Said Landon.

“I’ll accept.. but only if I get first to pick on what sword I want.” Said Josh jokingly.

“Okay, I’ll give you the first pick.” Landon Replied


Outside Josh and Landon are seen crossing a street when they hear a growl coming from under a car. Then they both see a four-year-old walker that Landon puts down. They both move on with a look of sadness in their eyes. When they made it to the house they could see the complete slaughter. Dozens of dead and decapitated walkers littered the front of the house.

“How the fuck did things get this bad this quick. Was that why so many people didn’t show up this morning because those people were getting slaughtered.” Said Josh while walking over dead walkers and killing any stragglers.

“No. A lot of these people got sick and died from the infection. I believe that the government released this.” Said Landon while stabbing a walker with his knife.

“I have the same feeling. That the government is behind this or some group of elites released this virus and fucked us.” Josh replied, kicking a decapitated walker’s skull.

“One of the two or who knows, maybe aliens released this shit.” Replied Landon who finally made it to the front door.

A couple of seconds later Josh safely made his way across the dead walkers. They entered the house to see an absolute bloodbath with dozens of dead walkers. The house had walker blood and guts all over the walls turning them a sickly red crimson color. The bodies on the floor were sliced up and had stab wounds, all through the brain.

The duo made their way over to a door that Landon seemed to know would lead to the basement. He knocked three times then waited for six seconds and knocked again. Almost instantly the door opened and out came a man who was about had 5’10, a clean-shaven face and had yellow eyes but he wasn’t a walker.

“Who the fuck is this guy Landon? The hallway is covered in walker guts and I’m not in a good mood since it’s gonna be a bitch to get the stains out.” The guy said, not looking thrilled.

“This is one of my coworkers and is an employee at where I work, I’m his supervisor.” Says Landon.

“Not anymore. Those days are over.” Josh spoke up.

“Josh this is Doug, Doug, Josh.”

“Nice to meet you.” Both Josh and Doug said to each other.

“Why are you guys here?” Asked Doug

“We need some swords so we can kill the walkers outside easily without drawing attention.” Said Landon.

“Fine. I have plenty.” Said Doug while motioning for the two to follow him.

“I want the first pick?” Josh asked jokingly.

“Very well. Follow me you two. It’s time to get you guys some quieter weapons.” Said Doug. When the trio made their way down the stairs Josh was amazed by what he saw. He saw dozens of blades all forged differently from each other.

“Those are some nice ass swords,” Josh said while gazing at the collection.

While browsing through the swords Josh came across one that caught his eye. It was a katana with a blue handle and carbon steel blade. On the blade was an inscription in Japanese that said “Never give up without a fight.” Next to the blade was an expertly designed sheath to hold the blade that had an engraving of a blue dragon with red eyes on it.

“Can I have this blade? I feel like it’s calling out to me.” Josh asked as he picked up the blade and handle, marveling over the craftsmanship

“That’s a good eye you have there. Go ahead and practice with it outside. Please avoid getting bit and or chopping your own limbs off?” Asked Doug in a somewhat serious tone of voice.

When Josh made it outside he noticed how quiet it was until he heard a growl behind him and immediately turned around and chopped the head of a walker clean off. The walker’s head was still growling as its brain wasn’t destroyed. Josh thrust the Katana downwards, killing the walker as it got stabbed through the head.

Josh then heard more growls coming from his right where he swiped his katana lodging it in the head of one walker. He then ripped his Katana out and stabbed it into the eye of the other walker, killing it.

Then he heard three more growls with two of them coming from his left and one a couple of yards away behind him where he wasted no time by kicking one walker away to the ground with his foot and using his Katana to stab the other in the eye where he then dislodged it and stabbed it through the eye again on the walker that was down. After that he pulled the blade out and brought it against the side of the 3rd walker’s head, killing it instantly.

After he was done he decided to head back inside the house only to find Landon at the top of the stairs admiring his Long Sword made of Damascus steel with a Red handle.

“Come on Landon, let’s get outta here… also thanks for the swords Doug if you need anything you know where to go.” Said Josh.

“Do you mind if I come with you guys, my house is kind of a mess from all the blood and I don’t want to clean all this shit?” Asked Doug after groaning in mental pain.

“Yeah sure, you’re free to come with us, I believe the house next to ours is clear of the undead so you’re free to live there. We’ll help with fortifying the house as well.” Landon replied.

“Thanks, now let’s go.”


10 mins later. 3:37 pm

“It hasn’t even been one fucking day and I’ve fucking had it. First I see a good friend of mine die on the floor with the teacher ripping his neck apart. Then I hear my parents screaming because they were surrounded by walkers in my house and I couldn’t do anything or else I would be dead. I’ve already lost so much and it hasn’t even been a day of this bullshit.” Exclaimed Josh in a saddened and angry tone.

“Loss can be hard especially when it’s the people you hold dear to you the most but with time those wounds will heal. The love you felt for them won’t die but will be reborn into new love.” Said, Landon

“What do you mean?” Asked Josh.

“You’ll find out when it happens, hell you’ve probably known something like that before.” Replied Landon, giving him a wink that Josh didn’t know what to make of

After walking for another couple of minutes the three men made their way back to Landon’s house. Doug broke off from Landon and Josh and entered the house next to Landon’s. The two of them took a ladder down the hatch and into Landon’s bunker. When they got down Josh saw two people he didn’t recognize and assumed were Landon’s wife and kid.

“Josh, this is my wife Margaret and my son Ryan.” Introduced Landon while smiling.

“Hello it is a pleasure to meet you people, my name is Josh and I’m Landon’s former co-worker.” Said Josh while reaching out to shake hands with Margaret and Ryan.

“Ahh thank you, Sweetheart. Anyway, it’s great to meet you and I would be glad to give you a home here if he’s ok with it.” Said Margaret.

“I already said he could stay if he wants to honey.” Said, Landon

“Hello Josh, I’m Ryan, do you want to see this new lego spaceship I built?” Asked Ryan showing up randomly.

“Yeah sure why not, I’m gonna be here a while, Ryan.” Said Josh putting his things down next to his bed.

1 hour later

“Hey that was fun Ryan but I have to go get some sleep for tomorrow.” Said Josh.

“Goodnight,” Said Ryan.

“Goodnight I’ll see all of you again tomorrow afternoon.” Said, Josh

Josh pulled a map out of his bag that had gunshops in California circled on it. He pulled out a pencil and circled the town of Exeter. So at 8:30 pm Josh decided to go to sleep early, knowing he would have a busy day tomorrow.

Day 2

Josh woke up at five-forty-five in the morning and started to get ready. He grabbed a sticky note and wrote a note, saying he would be out until the evening. He wrote it knowing he would be gone for a while. He then went to the storage room and grabbed a duffle bag, two bottles of water, and four packages of crackers. After grabbing some food and water for breakfast and lunch, he grabbed his gun and sword. Then he went up the stairs and out the backdoor.

After fifteen minutes of walking down the street, Josh noticed a car parked to the side of the road. In this car, there was a walker that was still alive. There were also the keys to the car keys in the ignition.

Josh walked over to the car and carefully opened the car door to reveal the walker was trapped under its seatbelt.

“Alright fucker, time to put you down.” Josh stabbed the walker in the head, killing it.

Josh then unbuckled the walker from its prison in the car seat and threw the corpse on the ground. He then opened the door and got in the vehicle that was now empty, that is if you don’t count the assortment of items in the backseat. After he did that he turned the keys in the ignition and was ecstatic to find out that the car worked and had an almost full tank of gas.

“Fuck yeah let’s go.” Exclaimed Josh while he put his foot on the gas. From there he started to drive north towards the town of Exeter.

While driving, Josh turned on the radio only to get static with every station until he finally found one that was still up and running. After listening to the end of a song a new voice appeared that seemed like someone who had something to say

“This is your host Radio Randy and I have an important message. If you run into military soldiers, exercise extreme caution because we are getting reports of soldiers calling themselves KHAN gunning down civilian targets at three safe havens in what remains of Washington State. I Repeat do not approach KHAN soldiers and get as far away as possible.” Then there was a crackle and the station went dead.

Josh kept driving for a while, he thought back to the short radio broadcast. He wondered who these KAHN people were and what they were planning. He then noticed he was the first gun store and parked by the front entrance. While still in the vehicle he looked around to see if there were any walkers around. He was surprised to see that there were none in the area. So he pulled the keys out of the ignition and got out of the car. All the while thinking to himself that something wasn’t right.


30 minutes earlier, 5 blocks away from the gunshop.

“FUCK WE’RE PINNED DOWN!” Yelled Marvin, whilst firing his military-issued M16.

“WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE BASTARDS!” Yelled Patrick, while grabbing a grenade from his belt before he ultimately pulled the pin and threw the grenade at the hostile rouge soldiers.

One of the rogues saw the grenade land right next to another rogue but before they could call out the impending threat. The grenade blew up, blowing both the rouge’s legs off as well as much of their stomach.

With the rouges distracted by their brutally maimed comrade both Marvin and Patrick started to run towards a store. This store had shattered glass windows and doors. Before they could step into the store the rogues broke themselves from their stupor and opened fire.

“MARV!” Screamed Patrick as his friend and brother in arms got shot through the back of the head, killing him instantly.

Walkers, having heard the gunfire and explosions nearby went to investigate and soon started to flood the war-torn street. The rogues were quickly overwhelmed and were forced to retreat.

On the other hand, Patrick, knowing he wouldn’t be able to bury his friend, quickly grabbed the dog tags around his neck. Luckily for him he was no longer getting shot at, as the rogues were distracted, dealing with the undead. After that, Patrick ran through the back door of the store and ran away from the incoming horde of walkers.



“I hope this place hasn’t been looted.” Said Josh while knocking on the door and listening for any growls. After Josh was sure that walkers weren’t gonna rip his neck apart as soon as he walked in, he entered the building.

The gun shop was dark and you could barely see anything on the inside. The only light coming into the room was from a window above the display of firearms in the very far back. From what Josh could see, the place was empty.

Luckily for Josh, the place appeared to be unlooted. He quickly began to grab anything and everything of interest. This included two AR 15’s, five M1911’s, over five hundred rounds of 5.56 ammo, over three hundred rounds of 45 ACP, and around two hundred rounds of 9mm.

Before he left he noticed a floorboard out of place so he lifted it and found a secret stash. In this stash, there was a case with a grenade launcher inside. Next to the case, he found a box full of explosive grenade ammo for it.

“Is that weed?” Questioned Josh as he noticed a ziplock bag that seemed to have multiple more ziplock bags inside it but there were hints of green showing past all the plastic.

Josh opened up three of the ziplock bags before he could confirm that he was right. “Score… Oh shit there’s at least half an ounce in here. I hit the jackpot here.”

Josh grabbed everything he collected and put it in the backseat of the car except for the guns which he left in the duffel bag. After he grabbed everything he could and put it in his car he got back into the car himself. Josh dug through his bag and grabbed his pipe and lighter. Josh ground some of the weed with his fingers and loaded it into the pipe. He took a deep breath while closing his eyes, reflecting on everything that’s happened recently. He exhaled and then put his lips to the mouthpiece of the pipe and inhaled as he lit the weed aflame.

Josh stayed where he was for another ten minutes, smoking two more bowls worth of the weed. He then decided to leave so he grabbed the keys that were in his pocket and put them into the ignition. After that, he started driving to the next location. He wasn’t even halfway there when he heard a symphony of groans and growls in the distance.

“That can only mean one thing.” thought Josh… A horde.


“H-holy Shit.” Said Josh while looking at the massive horde that was down the street. The horde consisted of at least five thousand walkers that stared at his vehicle with their golden eyes.

Josh instantly turned the vehicle around and decided that he would drive back to Porterville with what he had. While driving he thought about what would have caused the walkers to be grouped like that. He concluded that it was probably some loud noise that attracted them, but what?

When Josh made it back to Portersville he stopped at a gas station to get extra gas for the vehicle. He went inside the connecting shop while not hearing or seeing any walkers. He then went down one aisle and saw two walkers which he both stabbed through the head. Right next to the dead walkers were about a dozen gas canisters which he grabbed. Then he went back to the car with four of them which were already filled with gas. He put the gas canisters in the trunk and closed the door. After Josh put the gas in the trunk he entered the car, turned the keys in the ignition, and drove back to the house.

It was early afternoon when he made it back to the house. Josh noticed defenses being put up around the house by Landon and Doug. When Doug saw the car he instantly pulled out his M9 Beretta Pistol but once he saw who was in the car he put his pistol away.

“Hey your back, how did this go out there and what did you bring back? Asked Landon

“I only looted one of the gun stores because there was a herd of walkers that was in my way of the second and third. I was able to grab quite a bit of stuff from the gun store I was able to loot. Look in the backseat and the duffle bag, but be careful there are explosives in the box.” Replied Josh.

“Holy Shit kid, is that a grenade launcher?” Exclaimed Doug.

“Yeah, I found it underneath one of the floorboards behind the counter of the shop as well as the explosive grenade ammo.” Josh Replied.

“Good work with getting all these guns Josh now we will be able to protect ourselves against walkers and people.” Said Landon whilst holding the grenade launcher.

“Now let’s bring these guns inside already. I will help out after, with setting up the defenses for this place.” Said, Josh


After bringing the guns inside everyone went back outside to help with putting up defenses. Everyone worked throughout the rest of the day with boarding up the house and setting up walls outside. Everyone was hoping that by building walls around the area. As well as securing other houses nearby that they could have other survivors join them. When night finally arrived everyone went to sleep down in the bunker.

For the next month, everyone in the group pitched in to help however they could with a multitude of projects. Everyone in the group treated each other like family. No one slacked off and they all put in hard work. Life was okay and everyone was in good spirits but sadly like all things in life. It wouldn’t last. 

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