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How I Earned $425.26 in Month 2 on Medium

I’m delighted with how my second month on Medium finished. Here’s some of my highlights:

  • $425.26 in earnings
  • 25 email subscribers
  • 2 referred members

My goal for the month was to hit three figures. I well and truly smashed that goal, and I’d like to talk about some of the reasons why I think I’ve gained some success on Medium so far.

I had a few stories — two in particular — that ran quite well last month, and don’t appear to be slowing down just yet as we’ve rolled into January. I’ll talk about them shortly, and why I believe that they’re performing so well, but first I think it’s most important to talk about what we can all probably do to try and improve our chances of success here: write consistently.

I Wrote Consistently

When I started writing on Medium in October, I decided I was going to write consistently and try my best to keep it to a high quality. I wouldn’t say I’ve been happy with every story I’ve wrote so far, but I am happy with how I’ve been able to keep up with the work consistently.

My goal was to keep throwing out content, try to write well, and see what stories catch on the best for me. Once I did that, I planned to step off the gas a little, but continue to connect with my friends here — old and new — on a daily basis. It seemed like even if I stopped posting every single day, and cut it back to every few days, I could still find the time to respond to messages, read some stories, and give back to others in some way.

I Wrote Controversial Stories

Ok, now onto the stories that caught on well for me. I’ll share them below along with some of their stats.

First, let’s talk about my story When Your Date Looks Nothing Like Her Tinder Profile:


Last month, I earned $161.47 from this story, and it looks like it’s not going anywhere yet (in total it has made me $221.79 to date). I hope it continues to make me lots more.

It would appear clear to me — if you’re on Medium and have read some of the comments — that this story is doing so well because it’s controversial. I have received a whole load of mixed messages from a whole load of people with varied opinions about my intentions for the date, and my comments about my date. That then inspired the following story:


In this story, I make a response to two comments in particular that I received from viewers about my original story. I went on the defensive, and of course, as I suspected, more controversy bloomed. I made my peace and explained myself in this story, and then whatever way people want to take it after was entirely up to them. My earnings for this one last month was $163.96, with the total now sitting at $231.08.

As I’m sure you’re thinking right now — just as I am — controversial topics/stories seem to do well on Medium. So my advice would be that if you do have some stories that you’ve been on the fence about submitting due to their controversial nature, go for it. It’s earned me over $450 on the platform already and who knows where it will finish. (I must warn you though, the backlash can be a little hard to deal with at times, especially when some people throw in a little bit of crazy talk and start making accusations about you. Anyway, that’s probably to be expected — there are some crazy people out there.)

On my highest earning day for When Your Date Looks Nothing Like Her Tinder Profile, this is what the stats showed:

  • $16.27 in earnings
  • 10 hr 19 min of read time

I Wrote Personal Stories

My top four performing stories were personal ones. We have the two already mentioned that involved the Tinder date, while the third and fourth-best ones were the following:

Getting Laid on a Tuesday Night at My Local Pub…

I Got Hit On By a Dude in the Turkish Baths of Budapest

Personally, looking at the titles for these stories I can only imagine they’ve performed reasonably well because people find them interesting — I ended up in bed with a hot older woman and got hit on by another guy at the Turkish Baths when traveling through Budapest.

In all honesty, if these weren’t my personal stories, and I had come across these titles while scrolling through Medium, I’d stop to read them too — they do sound very interesting to me.

I Chose Good Publications

And lastly, what I think has helped me gain some success in just my second month writing on Medium was my choice of publications (or should I say publication). All four of these stories were submitted to the pub called Be Yourself.

Be Yourself

If you have a personal story to share and haven’t found your previous ones to be very successful in another publication, try sharing it to Be Yourself and see how it goes. For me, it has gone very well. I’m a massive, massive fan of this publication.

If you have a personal story to share and haven’t found your previous ones to be very successful in another publication, try sharing it to Be Yourself and see how it goes. For me, it has gone very well. I’m a massive, massive fan of this publication.

And that’s a wrap from me today. Thanks very much for reading and I wish you all great success on Medium in 2022 (I hope it continues for me also).

To recap:

Write consistently — the best chance of success will likely come from a combination of both quality and quantity. Write often and write well.

  • Be controversial if you have controversial stories to share — take the flack and watch the earnings roll in (it’s worth it.)
  • Be personal — if you don’t mind being a little vulnerable you’re story might fly; regardless of whether it’s controversy or a story about your battle with mental health, many report that their personal stories have been the ones that have performed best.)
  • Share in awesome publications — find the publications that work for you and continue to share your stories in them. Keep exploring until you find what works for you.

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  1. I find on Medium, most of my paycheck comes from just a handful of stories like that that take off. Sometimes it is hard to predict which will. Being personal and controversial or shocking does help, but it isn’t sufficient (I have some such stories that earn less than a dollar).

    1. Thanks for the insight Julia. Yes, I feel that was my experience, but then a few others now that have had a similar nature (controversy/humour) haven’t took off. I got 2 travel ones curated lately and I feel I’m finding personal stories do best for me, but some still flop!

      1. Yeah, Medium is really hard to predict. Recently I had one take off on track to earn 3-400 dollars (based on past work taking off at a similar rate) and then suddenly they uncurated it and views dropped to almost nothing in the same day. That really pissed me off. It resonated with people, but someone at Medium decided to truncate my earnings. Not much I can do about it though–their platform, their rules.

        1. Flip, sorry to hear they done that Julia. It’s weird how that happened, I wonder why. It’s cool when it does take off though. I’m glad it still made you 3-400 in the end off it, but it’s sad since it should clearly have been more!