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I Went on a Pub Crawl in Slovenia and Woke Up in Hospital

What do you get when you cross an Irishman with another Irishman and an Australian? One of them waking up in a hospital bed in Slovenia with a bill that they cannot read. That one of them was me!

It was my third day of my summer backpacking trip round Europe. I had just landed in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, after a four hour bus journey from Venice.

I was pretty knackered. I had just jumped on my flights, walked the streets of Venice for two days and then hopped on the bus to Ljubljana. The heat was already getting to me too!

Trying to be sensible, I planned to grab dinner and catch an early night and then see what this beautiful city had to offer the next morning. That’s what I planned, but that’s not even close to how the night turned out.

After checking in to my hostel, I dropped the bags in the dorm and lay down in my bed for a rest. That’s when it all went downhill.

I hear two accents chatting away that I’m familiar with — an Irish (me being Irish also) and an Australian. They start chatting about the wild night they had the night before at the pub crawl.

Naturally, I get involved in the conversation. It’s just the way it goes in a hostel when you’re travelling solo. Since I had booked to go on the pub crawl a few days later (trying to be sensible again), I was interested to hear what it was like.

Apparently there were free shots, drinking games and night clubs. Straight away these were my type of guys. I knew I was going to get on with them well.

Since they had such a blast, of course they were getting ready to go back for round two. “I’m out”, I let them know pretty quickly being exhausted and having already booked my place for a later day, “but I’ll grab a few drinks with yous before sure”.

So we head off to the bar where the pub crawl starts. We rack up a few pints of Lasko, the local beer, and get chatting to a few Swedish girls who seemed cool (and kind of pretty too!).

After some slight encouragement (I say slight as I can be easily persuaded at times), I decide to get on board with the pub crawl and use my ticket for that night instead. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

It all started off well — we beat some German friends at beer pong, broke the ice with some drinking games and got our first round of free shots outside while getting to know each other’s names. Then we set off to the next bar.

Pub Crawl Ljubljana — Photo credit: www.inyourpocket.com

You know when you’re getting your first shot at the first bar, it’s going to be a fairly messy night!

There were games involved in bar two. One of which was to see if we could get a kiss from a stranger inside.

Well, this was about to get embarrassing!

It certainly did when the Irish or Aussie have me go over to a cougar sitting on her lonesome and I’m just like, “Haha, I’ll give it a shot. I’m in. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? At the end of the day, it’s all fun and games!”

Well, the worst that could happen is that she has a boyfriend, and I might get my shit kicked in.

She did have a boyfriend. He comes walking over to the table and that’s when it crosses my mind that it’s all about to end in tears for me. But it turned out that he was actually good banter. He got the joke, the game, and most importantly — he didn’t kick my shit in!

Shot two!

“Here can we just another?”, staring at the drink holder filled with the devil’s nectar. “Go on then!”

Sorry, shots two and three I should say. Surely, this isn’t going to end well?

We hit up a few more bars, grab some more drinks and then comes the nightclubs. The guide starts free-loading everyone with a bottle of spirits and everyone is probably engaging in some of the most questionable dancing that I can only imagine a sober person would dream of capturing footage of.

Party In Ljubljana — Photo credit: www.partyinljubljana.com

You know you’re in for a good ride when one of the highlights for the night out on the pub crawl’s website is:

The CRAZIEST guides (our party guides are the sh*t!)

He certainly met the standard.

Soon after (or perhaps not?), my new Irish friend is kissing one of the Swedish girls. Some German dude is in with the other Swedish girl. Then I’m locked onto a Londoner.

How come they got the Swedish chicks and the first person I meet on my summer trip isn’t far from my door step?

Anyway, moving on. We’re getting close to my hospital visit. Fun times!

Things start to get a little blurry from here.

My two new friends both head off back to our hostel, while I make the wise decision to stay on to the end. I don’t blame them. It was tough going and I can only imagine that two nights in row could really take it’s toll.

Plus, my Irish friend was still in with the Swedish girl, and she was, well… kind of pretty!

When the night was over and it was time to go home, my memory vaguely reminds me of me pacing back with my phone in hand, using Google Maps to guide me there.

Then everything went black.

I fell unconscious and hit the ground. A guy hovers over me and my mind goes completely blank after that.

Luckily for me, the people of Slovenia are known for their kindness and caring nature. So the guy must have phoned for an ambulance as I wake up in a hospital bed, with needles in my arm and a very, very sore head indeed.

The clock shows 12pm.

The doctor was also very nice and expressed his worry for my safety. He told me to take it easy and handed me the bill — €64 and a bunch of drugs written in Slovene.

To this day, I still don’t have a clue was on that list! But I was just thankful that I was safe and no real damage was done.

Waiting for the receptionist to become available to make the payment, I’m sitting there starving! In need of something to shake off the the hangover and give me a cure, I scrape €5 out of my pocket. I walk to the vending machine that’s inviting me over and buy three chocolate bars that I’ve never in my life ever seen before.

In my shape it didn’t matter — they were the three best chocolate bars in the world right then!

I paid the bill, shook off the cobwebs and hit the city centre. I wasn’t going to let the night’s antics rob of me my plans to explore this new place I’d been looking forward to.

Ljubljana city centre — Photo credit: www.roadaffair.com

I get a text from my Irish friend saying he didn’t see me back at the hostel that morning. So, I told him where I ended up. His reply:

“Haha! You my friend are one crazy bastard!”

My response:

“Likewise man.. Likewise! Lol.”

I have to say, I had a really fun time with Pub Crawl Ljubljana. But would I do it two nights in a row? That’s the million dollar question.

Would you?

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