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A Blissful Season

Image from Pexel by Pixabay

* * *

The cool breeze caresses her cheeks like a lover’s gentle kisses as she stepped out into the open. It was early in the morning, too early, and the streets were empty. Deciding on a stroll instead of her usual jog, she took in as much as the morning could offer. There was no need for any signs since she could feel it deep in her soul.

Spring. It’s in the air, her favourite season.

A season of new beginnings and new hopes. Where romance buds and dreams in slumber stirred awake once more. Observing the trees around her, she noticed the first signs of blossom and felt her heart swells.

From the horizon the golden ray spreads, stretching across the earth, filling every nooks and crannies where darkness once were. The sun is slowly rising, and with its rise, the morning has arrived –

The blissful season is approaching once more, and along with it fragrance, beauty, fresh leaves and fresh flowers. Perhaps, and love.

* * *

Love, Min

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