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Green Flash

Green Flash

They say

On the rare breathless moment

Setting sun succumbs to becalmed sea

At far precipice of endless azure ocean

A flash of green

O’erspreads wind, wave, and wonder

Captured only by sun-squint eyes

Of lifelong beach bums

And too-tan tourists

Basking one last night

On lovers’ holiday.


An exceeding scarce

Trick of light

Sage islanders say

Seen only by steadfast few

But joyous ‘membered.

A miracle fantastic to behold

Yet unable to be held

In all but longing memory

Of days lazily lingering

Amidst paradise realms

Of sand, surf, and sailing sun.


Yet science says

No optic theory

Or wave-length spectrum

Oscillating o’er salty surge,

Vectored rays reflecting,

Explains the great gat glimpse

Of greenish hue appearing,

Anticipated flash excusing

Throngs gathered, gazing ‘fore the gloaming,

Waiting countless sunsets, breath abated

For a miracle born of myth.

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