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Pieces of You

I fought the first one with my last copy of your picture. They started with fire, so the photo of you, laughing, in the process of throwing a bucket of water on me was perfectly appropriate. Once, I thought it was a playful moment, a beautiful moment. Now all I feel is the humiliation of being soaked, the anger that my phone would be damaged, the seething resentment.

One tried to control my mind, and I fought it off with a train ticket for a trip we made between Paris and Hamburg. I still remember your smile, the sound of your laugh, but now the smile has become brittle, and the laugh, strained. Things were starting to go wrong between us. I can’t forget.

They tried to unravel reality itself to stop me, and I brought it back with one of your few gifts to me, a unicorn figurine. It used to be a touching gesture, spending so much time seeking out the perfect gift. Now I think you should have given more, as much as I gave you.

Finally, to save the city from them, I had to use my wedding ring. The day is no longer perfect. Our relatives bickered and my brother-in-law insulted me during his drunken speech. It was already the beginning of the end.

I’ve done my best to preserve the memories, but one by one, as I used up the pieces fighting them, the memories have become sour and jaded, and all I can feel about you anymore is loss.

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