Reply To: Getting to know you!

  • Glenn Stok

    January 21, 2022 at 10:20 am

    Hi Julia. This “Getting to know you!” discussion is a great idea. Three things about me:

    I’m retired from a career developing telephone system software. Prior to that I was a computer systems analyst for two major corporations.

    Since 2009 I’ve published hundreds of articles online with HubPages, where I earn from ad revenue. I also started writing on Medium a few years ago, but noticed the content on that platform doesn’t continue to earn unless we keep publishing. With HubPages, Google keeps sending traffic to old articles.

    I tend to write articles related to science, philosophy, relationships, and product reviews. But with Simily, I’m limiting my content to experimental content here, such as poetry and non-fiction, since I’m not certain of its future as long as their bugs aren’t being fixed.