Reply To: Our sci-fi projects outside Simily.

  • S.C. Mae

    October 31, 2021 at 1:17 am

    I have a 4-book series called Reunion, featuring Jazz Healy, a young woman adventuring across the galaxy in search of her lost father while trying to avoid her criminal kingpin mother. On the way she has to deal with stowaways, tech cultists, scheming aristocrats, and more! Very space opera 😀

    Book 1, Miltan Epsilon, is free in electronic format and the final book in the series, Bil’Tross, drops on November 2nd. I’ve been thinking about serializing Miltan Epsilon here but I’m not sure if that’ll work so well. Here’s a universal link if anyone’s interested in taking a peek:

    And here’s a link to the US Kindle series page:

    Currently I’m working on a new series featuring Lincoln Reilly, a sometimes-PI/definite ex-spy who keeps finding himself unwillingly caught up in galactic intrigue. Book 1, Spider’s Hub, is drafted and sitting in a virtual drawer for a few months before I start edits, and I’m partway into the first draft of the second book, The Votack Rebellion.

    Aside from those, well, it’s a case of too many ideas too little time. There’s a multiverse-type series that’s been bubbling away in the back of my head for the better part of a decade but which I haven’t gotten around to yet, as well as a frontier space series, a collapsed empire series, and more. But I’ll stop there otherwise I might never stop at all! 🙂

    EDIT: Sorry about the random preview box below! Not sure how to get rid of it without removing the kindle link