Reply To: Group Collab Piece

  • Adam Dodds-Wade

    January 6, 2022 at 4:22 pm

    I don’t know about genre hopping for one story. I think perhaps the first collab might work better for trial and error by just trying to pick a tone to start with. Reason being that genre hopping might make it hard to any kind of plot/ character progression because each genre function on different tropes and beats. I’m not sure readers would enjoy a story so disjointed in has no satisfying begining, middle and end. A separate but fun exercise might be to take a public domain story or work that can be spoofed in different genres by different authors and post them all at once.

    I do think a minimum word count target would work better. I like the idea of a Google Doc or something so we can make sure there is that sense of story arc so readers don’t feel cheated. When it comes to posting, we can post one part a week, promote it like crazy to maximize exposure.