Reply To: Moving to Simily From Other Platforms

  • Pam Reeder

    January 15, 2022 at 10:00 am

    I’m doing same. I’m intrigued by this platform because the subscription is less than Vocal, tiny bit more than Medium so it is reasonably priced. It has the approval process that Vocal has, the tagging system of Medium and the onsite groups of FB. AND the reads pay more that either Vocal or Medium from what I’m reading. Yes, readers have to be subscribed so it is like Medium in that regard whereas Vocal pays for all reads. But $6 per 1,000 reads versus $20 per 1,000 reads is quite a jump. And you’re paying only $6.99 month to get the $20 whereas you’re paying $9.99 month on Vocal.

    Another nice thing I’m seeing is that a writer can roll their stories back to draft or delete their stories at any time – whereas on Vocal you have to request Support to roll a story back to draft before you can delete it. On Medium I have only found the ability to “unlist” a story – not unpublish.

    I haven’t done it but as I understand it, Medium does have a way to download all your work in a zip folder like you can on Facebook. Vocal has no such ability.

    So, yes, I’m very excited to be here and going to start publishing stuff over the weekend.