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My formative years were steeped in the obsession and love of pop culture – especially movies and music. That love led me to study filmmaking at school, including taking classes about film criticism and theory. Those led to loving writing about those things, which led me to write for the school paper… which made me realize all this creative stuff was about writing. I ended up with a degree in journalism.

Since graduating, I’ve continued to write professionally and personally. I edited and published an online magazine called Cultural Transmogrifier about ten years ago.

I continued to scratch my creative itch writing a novel (it is currently in 3rd draft phase), entering short-story contents, and more recently within the past two years, writing extensively on Medium and Substack. (You can find links to those via this link.)

In fact, I found out about Simily via a post on Medium and am thrilled to find a platform that is designed and intended for sharing creative fiction writing! It feels like an area that is sorely underserved and I’m thrilled to give this place a run.

I can’t wait to read everyone’s work and feel inspired to write more of my own.

So, let’s do this!