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Paul Firecape was born and raised in Oulu, Finland. He holds an advanced degree in business and has studied biology. Paul was able to enroll at the University of Oulu and has spent much of his career in finance. Once the pandemic struck, Paul was forced to reconsider his path forward. He has experience with woodworking and spent time helping produce element homes for a large construction company.

Writing has always been his true love. He started a Medium account where he discusses weight loss, fitness, and anything related to motivation. Paul’s wide scope of experiences has shown him what it means to connect with the bigger world. He wants his readers to take away his view of the world, namely the weight loss tips.

There is a fun side to Paul, proving he is not all business. An avid student of the guitar, he has been known to wail tunes when the mood strikes or strap on a pair of skates and hit the hockey ice to blow off steam. Paul is also the owner of one very precocious budgie.


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