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Simily has partnered with Tipalti to execute all payments to Simily authors. Tipalti is a global partner payment automation system and accounts payable software. By paying our authors through Tipalti, Simily can offer more payment method options beyond just PayPal. Additionally, Tipalti ensures tax and regulatory compliance for both U.S. and international Simily authors. Simily does not store your tax information on our servers, we leave it up to our partner that specializes in secure payments to be sure your information is safe. 

Yes. Simily has partnered with Tipalti to ensure your information is safe. All data is collected and transmitted securely over HTTPS and personally identifiable information is stored encrypted using AES, the same level of encryption trusted by industry leaders such as Amazon and PayPal. Tipalti utilizes multi-factor authentication and IP restrictions for additional controls and peace of mind.

Yes. Paying Simily authors through Tipalti offers more methods for payment in addition to PayPal. If you wish to continue using PayPal, you will still receive your money through your PayPal account. Tipalti offers additional payment options as well. 

As an independent contractor,  you are responsible for paying any taxes owed on the income you receive through Simily. If applicable, you will receive a 1099 form at the end of the year to file your taxes. You can learn more information about 1099 forms here.

Payments Portal

Tipalti account registration is only required for Simily authors who have reached the $10 minimum payout threshold. Writers who have yet to hit that threshold will be asked to register once they have reached or exceeded $10. If you have already registered and are having trouble viewing this page, please contact us at [email protected] 

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