True Stories

True STories

Walk in someone else's shoes with personal narratives and true stories as told by our community.

jude folly

The Scream Heard Across Five Centuries

Anyone who studies folklore and mythology as an academic discipline has my outright respect. As a corpus of narratives that effortlessly defies systemic analysis, even

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Donald J. Bingle

Tree of Enlightenment

When a boy is growing up, there eventually comes a time when he realizes that his father is not infallible, that he needs to make

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Raman Effect

28th Feb1928 was Big and lucky day for India, When Raman the Great son of India, Observed Raman effect in scattering of light, That’s why

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rhoda anne young

The Calamity Cat’s cause Chaos at Camp

Nefarious eyes … staring … penetrating our minds. We felt their presence but were oblivious to their intentions. The calamity cats were prowling about. The feline allies

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beware the ides of march
Rajkumar Raikwar

Mystery of the Night 

The rape victim’s daughter was alone in the house at 4:30 in the morning, and she came to the police station to write a report.

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Sweet Boy

Most perfect, sweet boy I love you so much. I am sorry for yelling, for making you wait. When it was just you, I was

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Ika H.

Learning To Breathe

There is a beauty opening on the horizon. A new dawn is beginning. The pink, purple, and blue hues all blending as one as they

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Times will always change for all of us!
Walker Ikard


You get up one morning. Then you realize, times have changed. Suddenly, you realize things are different, and the times have really changed. What happened?

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Carolyn Chryst

She Found a Way to Live

She Found a Way to Live How happily ever after came to be Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash There once was a lady fair

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Bella Sceard


FICTION There’s a reeking smell of lotion, sanitizer and sweat and other whatnots on the bedsheets. I tried to reach him for more, but he

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A&A We Speak Your Heart

it might have been us

The people in this photograph are neither me nor my mother.My mother was diagnosed with cyclothymia. All the family was dragged along in cycles of

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Gillian Sisley

I Was Duped by Rachel Hollis

msrachelhollis via Instagram: @msrachelhollis Like many women, I resonated with her so deeply and truly admired her — now, I feel betrayed and embarrassed. It

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Bsk Poetry

Quest for Perfection

Nobody is born perfect, It is time that moulds your character. – BSK —————————————————– NOTE TO READERS: I have recently joined Simily. I love writing

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Sarah Wagner

the garden of my mind

he falls to the floor so quick and confidently, just to watch a laugh escape my mouth at the sight of him. he smiles so

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Do not Forget my Kindness

Because of sun king! And my greenery queen, You breath in fresh air, I breath in fresh air. When I will be no more, Water

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Akbar Ali

Boy’s Weakness

A 10-year-old boy decided to study judo despite the fact that he had lost his left arm in a devastating car accident. The boy began

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Nina Fabunmi

Guilty Of Loving You

I am guilty of loving you My little peanut A thumping heart beat inside of me Little limbs, tiny thoughts But did you ever get

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Josiah Pilskalns

College Bound

Stepping lightly across a flight bridge I duck my head as I enter the small charter jet that will take me to Denver Colorado. I

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Industrious-Scientist: Creative Energy

Scientist: creative energy difficult time Son…mom why and how Scientist work in lab, Mom…they define their scientific problem very sincerely Son..they carry out experiment to

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Gerald Washington

Facing Lightning

Holding the stop/slow sign with little power on an unknown road, 20-year old Jim felt tired but relieved his construction shift was almost over. It

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Kristy Westaway

Muttnik – Part 2 of 4

Standing in the open doorway of the lander, looking out the hatch door at the grey rock before him, he waited. Heartbeat pounding in his

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Serena Couram

Tonight I Remembered

Tonight I unplugged the television Tonight I powered off my laptop and watched the tiny red light blink several times before dying Tonight I climbed

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Heather Martin

A Lemonade Soaked Hollyhock 

Hollyhocks formed — pretty little dolls.Lemonade, brimming with sugarSilence stares at you and me.Perplexing connectionof familial ties —reinforced truth:separatenessdefines us. My mother’s parents were strangers

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RA Nektar

Truth Ablazing Eternity 

Before all of creation The Goddess concurs Let there be light And there is light And the light is truth Darkness gives way to light

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Erin Shields


You were meant to help me but you refused, why? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZdjbLFPr5k A lot of my poetry is personal to me and documents my ups and

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coffee time
This Life's Illusions

Under the Rubber Tree

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Each day I visit the village square, and each day the older men gather to pass time.  Friends since school days, one by one they

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Niv Pool

Struggles of an Indian Girl

I can’t even count the times I’ve typed that out- or something along those lines. I just wanted to know that someone else was facing

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Life happens to all of us!
Walker Ikard



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coming out
Zane Aquaman

Coming Out at Thanksgiving

My hands shake as I sit with my new therapist who questions me about how I am feeling about coming out to my extended family

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The Hunt.

  About a month ago. I wrote a Medium story about finding artifacts on the ground. I love walking and hunting for buried treasure. I

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Conan V. Petrere

My friend died for me (2/2)

Welcome! If you have not read the first part of this composition (My friend died for me (1/2), you need to start here:  https://simily.co/all-stories/cvpetrere/my-friend-died-for-me/  I’m actually

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Tony Solovjov

i just want to touch Guapo

That morning, I woke up from a penetration. A man with a half-naked profile picture penetrated my Grindr inbox with a message: “Hey I could

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Those Bloody Republicans.

Those bloody Republicans not a penny for their thoughts that fuel the cost of guns and lead that bear their endless guilty prayer. Those cutthroat

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Ika H.

From Here, I Grow.

Rippling through my flesh, I feel myself emerge. The Love. The Pain. The Intimacy. The Excessive Trauma. All leading to This Moment. The naivety I

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True Story
Short Story Dispatch


In the year 1885 Jean Bott, a native of Hesse Cassel, Germany, emigrated with his wife Matilda to this country, bringing with him a celebrated

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Roy Hill

Escaping Destiny?

Is it possible to outrun what fate has in store for you? There are many stories of people not being in the wrong place at

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M. Renee

Grief..What It Means To Me

It’s a constant reminder of what was and what will never be again. It’s sleepless nights of endless tears that fall like a heavy rain

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True Story
Short Story Dispatch


Peter the Great, the emperor who, in a few years, changed Russia from a country of half-savage tribes into a great European nation, was one

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