True Stories

True STories

Walk in someone else's shoes with personal narratives and true stories as told by our community.

Ellysa Greenhalgh


I am hardwired to self destruct I am hardwired to self believe I am hardwired to self sabotage I am hardwired to self help We

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Ellysa Greenhalgh

Time to say goodbye.

Time to say goodbye – Poem by Ellysa Greenhalgh. He stands up against the bar, his glass of scotch & ice lifted to his lips

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Imposter among me

Almost the sun was down for four hours; the phone rang in the control room. “I killed two intruders,” said a shivering female voice, and

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Ellysa Greenhalgh

Life is.

Life is never idle Life is never dull Life is always happening Life is always testing Life is never predicable Life is never set Life

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Ivair Gonçalves

The Messi Effect

After two decades at Barcelona Messi said goodbye to the team where he became the alien and went to the billionaire team of Paris Saint

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Burnt midnight oil

That was our exam night. My friend Laura and I had planned to study together. Laura stayed with me after classes. I lived in an

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Matthew Portman

Le Petit

Photo by ÉMILE SÉGUIN on Unsplash or  ‘The Little’ By Matthew Portman April 27th, 2020 I’ve never seen a piece quite like it. Le Petit,

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climate change
Blake Talton

The Diver

I sliced my foot open on a broken bottle of Coors Light. It had fallen into the sand, half-buried, littered amongst the rest of the

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Quratulain Thalho

Where I Belong

“Sounds, lights, and negative energies feel like intruders into the serene darkness that precisely defines my life; a life that is walled by the fragile

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