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Brush the scars away.

Watching you brush out your knots

From your long beautiful hair that I love to run my fingers through

Starts me thinking wouldn’t it be great

If we could brush our knots & scars away that exist within

That once we have let someone go who hurt us through & through

We can brush it all away to make sure we don’t carry

All the scars & knots we have into our next embrace

I know that we both have many & we try not to let them affect us

This is how our problems start by being scared to trust & believe in someone again

By having the expectation the next love will scar us too

Maybe it’s time to let this go to give the scars away

Let’s brush the scars & knots away

To let our selves be free

To stop our expectation that we will hurt the same.

To let love prosper on its own

With no walls of past regrets standing in our way.

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