Frequently Asked Questions

Publishing on Simily

If you go to Simily’s site, you’ll see a “Submit a Story” button in the top bar. Click that button and it will prompt you to login or create an account. Do so and you’ll be able to submit your story to Simily by pressing publish when you’re finished writing your story. You can also watch this video: https://youtu.be/bM-Iz8cEJDE
After – share widely with your friends, family, social media accounts, and email following to earn more money!

All writing is welcome on Simily. We are eager to create a space for creative writers to share their work, find an audience, and get paid! You can learn more on our How it Works page: https://simily.co/how-it-works/

Always! You keep the copyrights. We will never ask for the right to anything you create. Our founders are writers and we strongly believe that it’s your creative work and it deserves to remain that way. 

Nope! We do not require exclusivity on our site, but some other agreements writers will enter might require exclusivity. You must own the copyright to your work in order to publish on Simily. We will never ask for the right to anything you create. Our founders are writers and we strongly believe that it’s your creative work and it deserves to remain that way. 

We respect that some publishers require exclusivity and we are here to support our writers as they navigate building their audience. We’re in discussion with multiple publishing houses to create partnerships that benefit our writers and help them get published. 

Many of our writers want to do this. Until we have a feature that allows linking (it’s in the works!), you’ll need to publish your chapters and then return to the first story to link to the second. You do this by logging into your account, clicking your name at the top right hand corner of the site, clicking “Profile” and then “Stories”. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to edit your stories to add the link to each chapter.

Canonical links are a helpful way to support your growth and allow you to publish on multiple platforms. As of now, we complete this action manually. Click here for a Google Form to request canonical links on your stories: https://forms.gle/DcjMQ7Ri4wWGSNgN8

We take plagiarism seriously and handle each incident on a case-by-case basis. Intentional plagiarism may result in your account being banned from Simily. Please review our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Why not?! 🙂 You retain the rights to your work on Simily and can pull them any time. You don’t have to pay to earn money on the platform it’s completely free to publish. Plus, you’re able to begin the process of building your readership right away.

Writer Earnings

Yes, absolutely! It is free to post as many stories as you want on Simily. We do not require a paid account in order to start earning money on the platform. 

At Simily, our goal is to help writers reach new readers and get paid in the process. While we work to build our base of readers in these first few months, Simily will pay authors $0.02 for every unique view their stories receive per month – counting views from both paying and unpaid subscribers and external views. This is our way of helping kickstart the money authors can make on the platform. The more readers who experience your stories, the more you will make – this allows our writers to be in partnership with Simily – your success is our success and our success is yours.

Yes! Anyone who stays on a story for more than 5 seconds is counted as a paid view. This is regardless of whether they are a Simily user or not. This includes paid subscribers, unpaid subscribers, members, and nonmembers. Every single time an individual person views your story for at least 5 seconds, you will earn credit for that page view.

A unique view is counted every time an individual opens your story and reads it for at least 5 seconds. That means that if your friend opens the story and reads it, you’ll earn $.02. If that same friend reads the same story multiple times, you’ll still earn $.02. The unique view is credited per individual who reads your story. 

There is a lag in the earnings update, views typically update within 24 hours.

We use Google Analytics to track story views. 

Authors are paid through PayPal using the email you provide in your Simily profile. You can find instructions for updating your PayPal email here: https://youtu.be/opNJ5urWK84

All payments are made before the 15th of the month for the previous month. For example, January earnings will be paid on or before February 15th.

Account Support

Simily Unlimited is $6.99 per month and grants you unlimited access to every story in our library. You can find more information about our membership tiers here: https://simily.co/plans/membership-tiers/

To downgrade your membership, go to your profile and click “Membership.” From there, click “Subscriptions,” and scroll to the right where you can change your membership.

When you downgrade your account, you’ll no longer have unlimited access to stories on Simily. You will still be able to read 5 stories a month and you’ll be able to continue to post stories while earning money!

In order to delete your account, you need to email hello@simily.co and we will assist you! Please don’t forget: deleting your account means deleting all of your stories (and earnings). You want to check your current earnings and save your stories elsewhere before initiating this process.


If you need to block someone on Simily, simply navigate to their profile, click the three dots next to the “follow” button and select “Block”. 


We want Simily to remain a safe space for all! To report inappropriate comments, groups, or posts, click the “report” button.
To report a story, please email us at hello@simily.co and we will review the content as soon as possible.